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  1. OK, a few suggestions.... 1: Departure time in the real life aviation community is at door close. This should be re-worked so that departure time is at door close and the announcements should reflect that imputed time. Understanding that there needs to be some sort of time to allow for boarding and announcements to be played , maybe the minimum input time allowed should be 5 min. 2. There should be a clear option in the settings menu to turn on and off the speaker effect for the safety video and the boarding music. 3. The boarding music does not stop when the boarding announcements start. This needs to be corrected so that when an announcement is played the boarding music is paused. I hope this helps a little. Jeremy
  2. Oh nice! Where do I find the option to make the effect optional? The last flight the PAs we’re right on cue, sort of... I put 5 min departure time, time expires and the boarding PA is than played at pushback. It doesn’t seem to read the departure input time, just the immediate, short, or long option from the settings menu. Jeremy
  3. Aaflyboy777

    Speaker Effect

    So far loving the new update! However, could there be an option provided to disable the boarding music and safety video sound from being filtered through a simulated speaker? Also, I have noticed that the boarding announcement and the door closed announcement plays after pushback, am I doing something wrong? Jeremy
  4. Is there or will there be a way to replace the announcements with the actual airline announcements. I know about the safety demo, but how about the boarding, climb, decent, arrival, etc? Jeremy
  5. How do I add an airport to the smartACARS data base? Jeremy
  6. Is there a way to change when a flight attendant makes an announcement during the different phases of flight? Four instance, the welcome message is played as soon as the aircraft lifts off the ground, this should be played at the 10,000 foot altitude. Jeremy