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  1. BBB

    No TruGlass

    Just received latest tfdi update now everything is working THANK YOU!!!!
  2. BBB

    No TruGlass

    Did not work for me in p3dv4.4. when i updated the 717 they update the trueglass dll. Where are the older copys stored?
  3. BBB

    No TruGlass

    Am i posting this question in the wrong place? I also saw a streamer on twitch last night whos trueglass stopped working also.
  4. BBB

    No TruGlass

    I had truglass disabled until now because old video card. Just installed a GTX1070ti and updated to P3D 4.4. and updated TFDI. There is no entry to enable/disable in addons. reinstalled the 717 and truglass and reallight installers do something but still nothing. The "Disable Transparent Surfaces" option is unchecked. The dll is installed in the gauges folder. is there supposed to be an entry in dll.xml?
  5. BBB

    Buffer overflow

    Just trying to improve my framerates. Im sure the problem is my crappy graphix card but im waiting for prices to come down. I have achieved good framerates in other planes with medium settings but the 717 is my favorite and i cannnot. truglass is off dynamic lighting off these are the biggest hits.
  6. BBB

    Buffer overflow

    Not sure if this is a problem but when analyzing p3d v4.2 with Process monitor i get this hundreds of times a second. High Resolution Date & Time: 3/13/2018 9:31:49.8567334 PM Event Class: File System Operation: QueryAllInformationFile Result: BUFFER OVERFLOW Path: C:\Windows\Fonts\TFDi717Standby-Regular.ttf TID: 568 Duration: 0.0000036 CreationTime: 8/6/2017 8:59:02 PM LastAccessTime: 8/6/2017 8:59:02 PM LastWriteTime: 6/14/2016 6:23:32 PM ChangeTime: 2/26/2018 4:46:52 PM FileAttributes: A AllocationSize: 12,288 EndOfFile: 11,504 NumberOfLinks: 1 DeletePending: False Directory: False IndexNumber: 0xa000000029502 EaSize: 0 Access: Generic Read Position: 0 Mode: Synchronous IO Non-Alert AlignmentRequirement: Word
  7. BBB

    Landing gear position indicators

    I am trying to model these in my panel. Any LVARS for these? Or another way?
  8. BBB

    Offset help

    Most likely yes thanks
  9. BBB

    Offset help

    Yes but i need the variables from the mcp for the displays thanks
  10. BBB

    Offset help

    Hi I am trying to hook up a homemade MCP panel and i see tfdi does not use the standard offsets for the displays. What are the offsets to read alt. vs, cs, ias/mach and heading? thank you.
  11. BBB

    Lua light control

    Unzip and put the Lua files in your "modules" folder in your fsx directory. In fsuipc go to "key presses" tab the first time only press "reload all keys" check "profile specific" and the first time press "new" and name it "B717" this will limit the assignments to the B717 only click "set" and press the key or key combo you want to assign in the "control sent when keys pressed" box scroll down to "Lua 717 lights" or Lua b717 doors" if your programming doors in the "parameter" box put the number depending on the lights you want to assign.(listed in Lua file you can open with notepad) for instance 1 for landing lights click "confirm" and "ok" repeat different keys for all lights now assigned keys will activate lights must be the paid version of fsuipc you cannot see the flood lights during daylight
  12. This is a lua file to map lights to keys in fsuipc. and display on screen. I am an amatuer so let me know if i can make improvements. All panel, flood,map and floor are mapped to one key press with delays. also the taxi light wont go on until the landing lights are turned off. Once they are mapped to keys, you can use the free Roccat powergrid app to control them with your tablet or phone. EDIT: Added my doors/gpu/gau lua script also my custom grid for Roccat powergrid. Just edit the powergrid keys to match the keys you set in fsuipc. Change the .txt to 717_Lights.lua 717_Lights.txt
  13. BBB

    Painkit - where is it?