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  1. g5flyer

    Window fog

    Are you seeing the same issue or are you saying all the windows properly defogged on your flight yesterday. It appears only during certain conditions. It will be that way until in the air.
  2. g5flyer

    Window fog

    Greetings Collin, Did this make it into the update? Is there a way to disable it? V/r Rick
  3. g5flyer

    Window fog

    Not the aft windows, I am speaking of the pilots clear view windows, the ones that you can open.
  4. Would be awesome to see her in this paint. I actually miss flying this mission with that paint. I flew the C-20B, C-37A and C-37B out of Andrews. We had white ones and the blue and whites. It was a beautiful thing pulling up to this paint after a lay over. People would always come up and ask if they could take a pic or peek inside. I always let people on to check it out, heck, they belong to the tax payers any way.
  5. GPS OR RNAV APPROACHES 1. Appropriate checklists completed. Flap/slat handle set to 0/EXT, speed – Vmin + 5 or greater, both flight directors on, autopilot on or off, and autothrottles on. 2. Commence speed reduction as desired. PF calls, “FLAPS 18, SELECT SPEED XXX.” PNF acknowledges and performs required action(s). 3. Following FMS NAV capture, PF calls “PRESELECT MISSED APPROACH HEADING.” PNF acknowledges and performs required action(s). When established inbound prior to the final approach fix, PF calls “GEAR DOWN.” PNF acknowledges and performs required action(s). PF then calls, “FLAPS 40, SELECT SPEED XXX, BEFORE LANDING CHECKLIST.” PNF acknowledges and performs required action(s). After level off and prior to the FAF, PNF preselects MDA in the FCP altitude window at PF’s command. For PROF descents, engage PROF prior to the FAF. NOTE: For single engine approach, do not select a flap setting beyond 25°. PNF centers rudder trim at PF’s command prior to landing. 4. Depart the FAF at Vapp and initiate descent. NOTE: Descents to MDA may be accomplished with vertical speed (V/S), flight path angle (FPA) or profile (PROF). A. For V/S descents, start timing if required, and rotate pitch wheel to select appropriate descent rate. B. For FPA descents, start timing if required, and rotate the pitch wheel to the appropriate flight path angle. GPS OR RNAV APPROACHES (Continued) C. For PROF descents, start timing if required, and monitor vertical descent. NOTE: PF may command missed approach airspeed to be preselected at any time after final approach speed is captured. 5. The CAWS will provide the appropriate altitude calls. The PNF will monitor the following altitudes to ensure proper callouts. • At 1,000 ft AGL. • When stabilized on final and at 500 ft AGL, the PNF calls “SPEED XXX, SINK XXX.” • APPROACHING MINIMUMS and MINIMUMS calls. 6. At the MAP, PNF makes appropriate call. PF either continues, or executes a landing or go-around. That may help. Rick
  6. g5flyer

    Window fog

    I've yet to find anything other than the window defog on the pilots overhead. My side windows fog up until i'm airborne. Am I missing another switch?