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  1. g5flyer

    Vref vs PFD Yellowband

    In essence, VREF itself is 1.3, meaning 30% above stall speed. Divide it by 1.3 and you will see that the stall speed for a VREF of 127 is roughly 98 knots. It is standard across aircraft to fly VREF + 5. In any case, you should not see the yellow when flying the VREF speed. Normally, you will fly REF + 5 on approach. You would then start bleeding the 5 knots so that you cross the threshold at VREF. VREF is really threshold crossing speed. Another standard is that yellow will show until at 80 to 85 percent of the stall speed. Red will occur at 100% of the stall speed. So in your case, I would expect to see yellow and shaker at 112(85%) or 118(80%). As you can see, VREF gives you a buffer of about 10 kts above shaker/yellow. I have noticed that the TFDI yellow is displaying too early. Rick
  2. g5flyer feedback

    he probably should have mention that, i had to look close to find it
  3. g5flyer feedback

    I think he is saying that runway 4 is loaded, but the FMS has him departing the opposite runway on a 230 heading instead of 043.
  4. g5flyer

    Auto Throttle

    Thanks for your replies guys.
  5. g5flyer

    Volunteers for an Internal Test Team

    You can add me to the list if you need more. Rick
  6. g5flyer

    Auto Pilot/FD

    thanks for your replies guys.
  7. g5flyer

    Auto Pilot/FD

    O I'm relaxed and feel just fine. I thought this was "open beta" where we all work together to check/verify things to assist the team with any potential issues. That's what makes beta testing successful. It was just odd that some will see posts and not comment to assist in verifying if issues are isolated or wide spread. Thanks for your information.
  8. g5flyer

    Auto Throttle

    Ahhh, I didn't notice it either since I usually fly full manually on APP. I was evaluating AP/AT performance when I first noticed it.
  9. g5flyer

    Auto Pilot/FD

    This topic has had 47 views, no one else is seeing this????
  10. g5flyer

    Auto Throttle

    Thanks, that's what I've been doing. I'm just wondering why no one else has experienced this unless they are not posting/responding to posts. This is how we fix issues.
  11. g5flyer

    Auto Throttle

    In the real aircraft, these speeds should transition to target speeds at FMS determined decel points or when a flap setting is selected. For example, clean min + 20, slats extended min + 20, flaps 18 + 5 and Vref + 5(25/40). As long as the FMS is PERF'D, it will calculate these speeds. Classic Honeywell setup with auto/FMS speeds. I didn't select APPR/LAND because I'm flying a visual approach in the picture. APPR/LAND should only be used when shooting an ILS. This system will not arm unless receiving a valid LOC signal. I do find it interesting that it's tracking your VAPP speed, they will have to latch that from the APPR/LAND button if this is the case.
  12. g5flyer

    Auto Throttle

    Again, is anyone else seeing this?????????
  13. g5flyer

    Auto Pilot/FD

    Is anyone else seeing this????????
  14. g5flyer

    Auto Pilot/FD

    I've noticed that the previous and new update has an issue. When on a intercept heading to the ILS course in heading select/HOLD, the aircraft will immediately turn towards the localizer if the CDI is against the wall. It should arm and stay on the current heading until the CDI becomes active and a capture is calculated. I have to delay arming the approach until the CDI comes off the wall before selecting approach.
  15. g5flyer

    Auto Throttle

    Gents, I posted this before about the FMS/AUTO THROTTLE not targeting Ref speed. There isn't any fluctuations, just displays wrong target speed for approach. This happens regardless of weather systems or not, It's just that the FMS magenta speed is not the ref speed. I posted a pic below. The speed on the PFD is showing 155/FR, should be 135. With the latest update, I also notice that the throttle once during the climb set a lower power than climb mode setting. While level, I was given a higher altitude(20,000 up to 30,000). As I dialed in the higher altitude, the aircraft begin to climb as expected and the throttles increased to 1.35 when it should have went to the climb thrust of 1.45. I dis-engaged the throttles, set it manually and re-engaged auto throttles with no issue. The next intermediate level offs and climbs worked fine with no issue. Again, if auto throttles are left engaged for landing, they are not retarding to idle at 30ft agl.