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  1. gabrieldonate

    SmartCars updates soundpack every time I open it.

    Bump. I just tried deleting the soundpack and letting the SmartCars download it whole again. I did that and restarted it, it still gives me the same "Updating Soundpack" message.
  2. gabrieldonate

    SmartCars updates soundpack every time I open it.

    I'm sorry to say I have no idea on how to find that out.
  3. As the title states. I'm a member of and lately, every time I open the program, it starts updating our in-house sound pack. It takes a long time doing so (I have a fast connection) and when it's done and I restart the SmartCars it starts updating the soundpack again. I've uninstalled it and installed a "fresh" one from our site and yet it keeps doing it. Any help? Thank you so much.
  4. gabrieldonate

    Today's Update (1/14/2017) :-)

    These are wonderful news! I gotta open my addon manager!
  5. gabrieldonate

    Lingering Issues

    I experienced the same issues today on a short hop from LGA to BOS.
  6. gabrieldonate

    Exterior Lights, Fuel Pumps, Etc

    You are right. I saw this during my last flight.
  7. gabrieldonate

    Exterior Lights, Fuel Pumps, Etc

    #4 is a must. I've also noticed #5.
  8. gabrieldonate

    Undecided on the717

  9. gabrieldonate

    READ: Performance Issues/Lagging Displays

    No maladies to report after last update. Running 50+ FPS on VC and 80+ outside. Cockpit screens are working great as expected.
  10. gabrieldonate

    List of known bugs and what's been fixed

    Yes yes yes.
  11. gabrieldonate

    FPS Issues!!

  12. gabrieldonate

    FPS Issues!!

    Good to hear, Collin.
  13. gabrieldonate

    FPS Issues!!

    Ouch. This is quite disappointing.