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  1. Thank you for the fast reply. Perhaps then, this is a parameter which should be relegated to the "honor system" >> considering nearly all pilots (even sim pilots) are aware of this rule and do their best to comply with it. Perhaps we could poll the fan base. Smartcars doesn't seem to care whether we set / reset our altimeters at the proper points in the flights, which should be considered at least as important. Just a suggestion....... Best regards, Ken
  2. Is it possible to have Smartcars take into account the times when "250 kt relief" is requested / granted ? For heavy and / or high altitude departures it's sometimes advisable to request a higher (than 250 kt) airspeed to improve lift / performance. When this necessary, smartcars always reports it and of course it appears in the PIREP at the destination and it reduces the "score" for the flight. Ken B.