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  1. I'm trying to figure out how PACX receives the SB sign state.. I made a gauge for Captain Sim to tie their sign to (A:CABIN SEATBELTS ALERT SWITCH,bool) but it didn't do anything. Does PACX use a different LVAR for this?
  2. atav757

    Arrival Times

    I appreciate both of you acknowledging this issue. All I know is the other ACARS software timestamps FS zulu (and perhaps translates it to local? But I suppose that’s irrelevant?) and compares what is put in for scheduled departure (pushback time), arrival, and flight times to see if I’m early or late.
  3. atav757

    Arrival Times

    Is it because PACX uses computer system time for arrival time or something weird like that? If you do that math on any of those times none of them make sense, even with the two hour change in time zone. It's a bit frustrating to have your satisfaction go down because the app is measuring arbitrary flight or block times. This is the same issue a few users reported a bit back. I was using another ACARS program to record all flight data. It records the exact moments of brake release, wheels up, touchdown, and final brake application. It came up with flight time of 02:59 (one minute of rounding error) which is exactly right, why does PACX record 03:46? PACX is a very fun crew / pax interaction app but I don't use it regularly anymore because of this bug. https://pacx.online/flight/321e24ab-1b85-4237-b70f-ff02ab1028f4
  4. atav757

    Arrival Times

    I know the last thing TFDI said about this issue was "We spent a lot of time thinking about how we would have PACX do times etc... we won't be changing this" but is it fair that a flight report is totally incorrect / contradicting itself? How can I be slightly ahead of schedule and also late? I landed according to schedule 12 minutes early and blocked in 21 minutes early. Are you guys really not going to fix this?
  5. I've brought this issue up before, I hope they fix it! I hate being accused of being late when I'm early.
  6. @Fabio Almeida Sure https://pacx.online/flight/34273b0e-f597-4f0d-b0ae-5ee03760433b In this example you can see a conflict: How can I be both Considerably Ahead of Schedule and have an Unexpected Arrival Delay? I also landed a bit early and the "Actual Arrival" is showing it was after the scheduled arrival. Does it use PC time or something instead of simulator time?!
  7. I've brought up this issue in the past twice, idk why it hasn't been figured out! They need to base it on scheduled times and block times, not just flight time.
  8. Kind of forgot about this project haha, it's a rather small one so here you go! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D-6jSXSr9IvJ0ORxwXSHDnU1u_jhyaOr/view?usp=sharing
  9. Was fully paused. In the report I sent you it seems like it’s not using flight simulator times at all. Those look like computer times.
  10. Yes I did. As I stated in a older post I made, would make a lot more sense if it used FS time instead of computer time.
  11. Some of you may know me from doing 3 of these projects before which have had huge success; you can see on my YouTube channel if you'd like! I decided to do a little something for this plane. TFDi already did an amazing job with the cockpit sounds, just added some realistic sounds of the HYD AUX pump and fuel pumps externally. Compare the hydraulic sound to this: https://youtu.be/25HBmPWwRis?t=67
  12. Sure: https://pacx.online/flight/bc34e87e-fa20-4144-9e0d-b001de19e881
  13. I see, that seems to be the issue then. Simbrief does not output flight time as you described. In real life, and for simbrief, flight time refers to wheels up to touchdown, which is why PACX is giving an erroneous delay. Is there any way this can be changed? It’s kind of a strange way to program this, as it takes away from realism if the program can’t calculate times according to how it would be IRL, and no one in the industry refers to flight time in such a way. Also time to departure is kind of irrelevant as well because although airlines do try and factor taxi times into scheduled block, it’s not really fair to have passenger satisfaction decrease because your wheels up time is a bit later than you predicted, especially since you can still arrive early. Of course the highest factors that would actually bother pax would be an actual departure delay (late push) or arrival delay (late block in)
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