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  1. asegm08 Feedback

    Really enjoying this bird more and more. Now with a normal startup especially instead of going to full thrust on startup. Also really excited about Trueglass coming soon. Only issue I see: VNAV continues to overspeed and then when you apply drag it wants to increase thrust so makes me wonder, "what should I do, slow down or speed it up? Obviously you're breaking the 250 at 10,000 FT or below rule so.... Why are you adding thrust? " How ever the rest is superb, I think you guys are finally achieving a complete stable release that you can be proud of. -Al
  2. I had the same issue. Until I decided to delete my P3D and start from scratch with the hotfix full installer on V4. After that I am getting even better FPS and fluidity than before. Even with Dynamic Lighting on.
  3. You could try DSR and 2X MSAA. That's what I use and it provides great AA. Only thing I see a lot of is shimmering on some buildings but it's not too bad where I can't use it.
  4. asegm08

    Weather Radar ASP4

    Both of my threads no one ever gives me an answer.
  5. No developer has made a window rain effect for P3Dv4 yet. LM updated the rain system to be a particle instead of texture for the world which gives a lot of benefits. However TFDI has not nor has any other developer added window screen rain effects yet. I wish they did but they haven't thus no one knows what effect it would have yet.
  6. Any one has the weather radar working in P3D4. I have not been able to see any terrain or weather echoes even after testing and having the visibility at maximum. Thanks.
  7. asegm08

    P3DV4 Update today?

    Has anyone seen the weather radar working? Its not working for me. I run the test and the colors show up but has anyone seen it working? I am flying around NYC and the east coast where rain is non stop and the radar has not lite up once.
  8. asegm08

    Issue with texture file V4

    The addon manager is a FSDT folder. Its where the FSDT and Flightbeam keep the folder. I am wondering why its looking for a texture for the TFDI 717 in there though.
  9. I keep getting this error when selecting "Ready to fly" on the tablet.
  10. Just a few things that you could potentially try. Are you pressing the E character on your keyboard? You might be accidentally selecting only one throttle by pressing E by mistake. Try pressing E then 1 and 2 on the numbers above your keyboard. If that's not it make sure you don't have assigned your axis to only throttle 1. Make sure it's assigned to all throttles. Just a few things to give a shot. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the response. That explains it. It's a bit odd the way the FMS manages altitude constraints. I noticed that I was flying the SWAVV9 arrival into KATL and I had a 19000 constraint in a waypoint about 10 NM away from the 31000 cruise altitude so the FMS never have me start a descent until like 10NM and when I crossed the HOVVR intersection it went into a -5009 ft per minute descent., to reach that 19,000 Busting through the IAS and even going into overspeed so it seems that if you don't have a Final runway selected it will not calculate accurately when to descend. But if I do enter a runway for arrival during the FMS programming prior to departure then it will never a actually reach cruise level. It will get to 31000 then it will start a slow descent right after reaching it which is like 1,000NM away from the destination.
  12. Hey everyone, I am still learning this bird but I had a question, how do we know when we are approaching our T/D? Reason I ask is because I was flying from KATL- MDPC and I knew I was getting close to starting my descent because of distance but I never saw an indicator for T/D on the magenta line. Eventually I saw the profile line show up so I figured" Oh here it is!" and I changed the altitude on the MCP for it to begin the descent. Additionally, is this aircraft capable of doing RNAV approaches? Same flight I arrived at the RNAV FAF for the 09 runway into MDPC and I was not able to intercept the vertical descent or had any indication on the PFD that it was arming for an RNAV approach. Finally, how do I know the final approach speed? on the T/O APPR page on the FMS the aircraft was giving me a approach speed of 182 on the Flaps 40 configuration, which can't be right can it? I mean even for a 777 180 KTS is excessive. Any help that can be given would greatly be appreciated Thanks - Al Segovia
  13. asegm08

    If You're Undecided

    Thanks. I bought it and couldn't use it the first few days but today when I was getting my haircut I read that an update was released yesterday, I downloaded it and am flying happily from JFK to FLL. I am more than happy with the aircraft and the great customer service I didn't even sweat having it sit for a few days. Again thanks and keep up the good work. When it comes to me I am very happy to support you guys the way you have all supported us.