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  1. Hi, I do not know if this question can be written here concretely. If not, forgive me. I would like to inform you of a possible problem that happens when TRUEGLASS is activated with the new version of WINDOWS 10 1809 October update. The question is that in situations of high fps reaching 60 frames with the MaddogX and Qualitywings aircraft in P3D V4.3 flashes occur on the screen when you press the mouse wheel to move the view inside the cabin. It only happens when you press the mouse wheel. With other options to move the view with either the yoke hat or by pressing the keyboard space this problem is not represented. The issue is that it only happens when TRUEGLASS is activated with either ezdock or chaseplane. I would like to know if someone else has this problem. With other PMDG or MAJESTIC type planes, no problem is seen. TRUEGLASS the problem is solved. forgive my English as a translator. My native language is Spanish