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  1. Just to add, now with FedEx using a HGS in their MD-11s, this will allow for even more options than the PMDG MD-11 if a new MD-11 were developed. The MD-11 has a much wider history than the 717 so personally I think its a good fit to what has already been done with the 717.
  2. Thanks for the input Collin. With PMDG out of the MD-11 game and the 717 (which is way less popular than the MD-11) becoming so popular, a new MD-11 might be a good option. The only other project I can think of that is sorely lacking is a new Ejet series.
  3. Definitely hope that they give the MD-11 some consideration. Perhaps even adding the HUD mod that FEDEX uses.
  4. With the 717 and MD-11 avionics being very similar, would it be a large task to consider a new MD-11 for FSX/P3D? The 717 is even less popular than the MD-11 but there is still a strong following for these types of aircraft. Honestly speaking, anything other than a new traditional Boeing is always welcome. It would be interesting if TFDi can build on what they've learned about the 717 to eventually create a new MD-11/MD-11F.