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  1. caribpilot


    Just to add, now with FedEx using a HGS in their MD-11s, this will allow for even more options than the PMDG MD-11 if a new MD-11 were developed. The MD-11 has a much wider history than the 717 so personally I think its a good fit to what has already been done with the 717.
  2. caribpilot Performance

    I agree. Don't know what you guys did but the 717 flies like a dream. It performs very well on my PC now.
  3. caribpilot


    Thanks for the input Collin. With PMDG out of the MD-11 game and the 717 (which is way less popular than the MD-11) becoming so popular, a new MD-11 might be a good option. The only other project I can think of that is sorely lacking is a new Ejet series.
  4. caribpilot


    Definitely hope that they give the MD-11 some consideration. Perhaps even adding the HUD mod that FEDEX uses.
  5. caribpilot

    Exterior Lights

    Is this the reason why the Winglight switch in in-op at the moment?
  6. caribpilot


    As far as performance goes, it is much better than the previous build but judging from other add-ons I currently have, (FSLA320, PMDG 777,737 etc) the performance can be a bit better in my opinion. After loading the aircraft I had a drop in frame rates but after powering up the aircraft and loading up the FMS it seemed to improve. I also had to lower some of my scenery settings to improve FPS which is something I don't have to do with other add-ons. All things considered, the update is very nice though (systems wise).
  7. caribpilot

    WING/NACL Lights

    The Wing/Nacl light switch doesn't work. It's an important part of the lighting system and especially so when the landing light are turned off after takeoff.
  8. caribpilot

    Stutters and VAS leakage

    Just wanted to say that after doing a fresh installation the 717 now operates smoothly. No stutters or anything of the like..
  9. caribpilot

    i cant even get it downloaded

    Should the version number in the About section of the Addon Manager also be updated to show v1.0.6? Mine shows v1.0.3
  10. caribpilot

    Stutters and VAS leakage

    I am also having very low frame rates and severe stuttering.
  11. caribpilot

    Beta Pending

    Hi, I just opted into the beta testing and after following the instructions to order the beta addon, the status shows as pending and when i start the addon manager the newest versions doesn't download.
  12. caribpilot Low fps/stuttering in VC

    I can also confirm the performance issues on my side also. Lots of stuttering.
  13. caribpilot

    Exterior Model Suggestion.

    Since running the last update I can now click on the stowed tablet.
  14. caribpilot

    Exterior Model Suggestion.

    Hi, thanks for the reply. In my case it wasn't in the sleeve at all on the Captains side. It works fine on the F.O side however.
  15. caribpilot

    Exterior Model Suggestion.

    First of all I would like to say that you guys did a fantastic job on the model and it is the best MD model out there. One suggestion I have however is that from the exterior view, the cockpit windows have no reflections and it looks almost as it there is no glass there. Perhaps a little more detail can be added to not make the pilots so clearly visible? On another note, I assume you folk may already be aware of this but in case you aren't, The wing nacl light switch and exterior lights do not work and the Captain's tablet completely disappears when it is stowed.