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  1. Thanks but that's just good business. Unfortunately we wait pending what will hopefully be a positive result from Lockheed Martin at some unknown future date. There's obviously something in this plane design that's different from all others and triggers this apparent bug. The "fix" they refer to in the knowledge-base is not viable. A second window, regardless of it's size has a severe negative impact on frame-rate which has been reported throughout this thread. So now like you and all the other customers being impacted, the plane continues to sit in the hanger.
  2. When asked recently "So what is it with the 717 that triggers this swizzle bug and why can't something be done to the 717 to avoid it?" The answer received included "If we were to fix it, it would involve a huge change to the exterior and interior models, something that we do not have the ability to carry out at the moment with our ongoing projects and other involvements, especially when LM have acknowledged it is on their side and not ours" This would suggest that TFDi could in fact rework the model to fix this instead of waiting for Lockheed Martin to get around to it at some futur
  3. Well let's hope LM doesn't drag this out and is able to come up with a solution in short order. Just seems odd to me that this bug, whatever it is, seems to affect this plane only. If LM can sort it out then fair enough.
  4. That's interesting considering this bug is not only affecting your paying customers, but theirs as well, seeing the problem lies with them. I can't speak for others but I haven't been able to fly the plane since I bought it nearly a year ago.
  5. Thanks Collin. Hopefully they can sort something out for us sooner than later. Been a long time since we've been able to fly the plane.
  6. I've not read about any other plane with this specific issue. If true wouldn't it be easier to tweak the plane coding to avoid the bug?
  7. Firstly I must say the overall 717 package is excellent and it's my go to plane for most flights 1000nm or less. That said I've had the same CTD problem when changing views as many others and experienced gauge issues when setting Sparse Grid Supersampling in Nvidia Inspector to stop shimmering. I'm running Prepar3d 4.5 with no unrelated programs/addons and up until a week ago was also running Windows 10. My rig is not new but has for the most part more than enough grunt. I was getting all kinds of other various fltsim issues in addition to those related to the 717. The other day I ha