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  1. Can anyone help? Ticket response is very slow.
  2. I deployed smartCARS according documentations. I can login into smartCARS. However, smart CARS doesn't show me any of my bids, any existing schedules, list of airports or let me create a charter flights. All buttons except "new" are disabled. I have already created ticked but due to slow rate of response I'm hoping to get solution here. The log doesn't show any errors [09:18:26 PM] Windows 10, Build 17134, Suite Mask: 0x100, 64bit Architecture [09:18:26 PM] Browser emulation mode set to 11001 [09:18:27 PM] Logged in to airline 912 as pilot 1 with dbid 1 [09:19:06 PM] set_color 4 [09:19:06 PM] set_color 7 I checked my databases to make sure that one used by samartCARS are populated. Please help!