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  1. I'm sorry but this reminds me of a story of a kid from my VA almost 10 years ago or so. When the Flight1 MD80 classic came out it was not configured for gates to connect to it and this kid asked how he would connect gates to it. Another user wrongfully told him that MD80s are to low in real life to connect to jet ways. He told that guy: "well that is wrong because I have seen MD80s connected to jet ways in real life, but even if it isn't, it is my simulator, if I want to connect jet ways to my C172 I should be able to do it", that answer cracked me up for weeks. My point is that many add-ons have fictional liveries, if someone wants one for the B717, I don't see the harm of asking or re-painter creating one.
  2. Same issue here, I wonder if there is a way to revert to the previous version.
  3. Had the same issue, it only happen in some airports, like South England and Atlanta so far. As soon as I start the simulator I got CTDs. I tried starting the simulator with my A2A C182 and then once it started at the gate I change the plane to the B717 and the problem was solved, haven't had any CTDs after using that trick (P3D v4.4). Try to use a simple aircraft like the default Bonanza and once at the gate change it to the B717.
  4. Hello TFDi team: I wanted to share this with you. I bought the B717 a while back for Prepard v3 (I think a month after released). I bought Prepard only for small aircraft and commuter planes and left my FSX for the use of bigger airliners like A320, NGX, T7, MD11, etc. So, I have in P3D all A2A GA Aircraft's, Carenado Saab340 (not complex but is the plane I fly in real life) and of course the Majestic Q400 and that's it. But I needed or wanted a small jet engine airliner and your plane fit the bill. Unfortunately I could not even complete one flight with the B717, my fps were so bad, it look like a slide show (5 to 10 fps even in flight), so after a couple of weeks trying, I benched it. I have a decent system (IVY i7 at 4ghz, GTX580, 16gb Ram Vengeance, z77 Sabertooth, 1000w thermaltake and 3 Samsung 980 ssd) but my system could not handle your plane. Last month my GPU died, so I bought a GTX GeForce 1080 Ti which of course made my P3D (now v4) look and perform amazingly. Even that I bought P3D for small aircraft's, last week I decided to buy the PMDG 747 for it as I would not have OOM CTDs anymore on transatlantic flights like I used to have in FSX. My new PMDG performed flawlessly and that got me the idea of re-installing the B717 to see how it will perform. I don't know if it was because your constant work on this aircraft, my new GPU or a combination of both, but my fps are up to the roof, almost in comparison to the Majestic which is the most complex add-on with the best fps (in my opinion). I do own a lot of scenery, including 90% of ORBX library and this plane perform incredibly. After 4 flights completed with the B717, it has become an obsession. The beauty of it combined with Real Light, TrueGlass, systems, sound and performance, is amazing. In the past week has become one of my top favorites. You have really raised the bar between complexity and eye candy, in my believed revolutionizing the industry like the NGX did back in 2013. Honestly, now I don't need any other aircraft for P3D, your plane completed the experience I was looking for. Thanks so much for the effort put in this aircraft, it is truly appreciate it. Raul