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  1. Ilya_Plt

    FMC freezing after route insertion

    Try 6L/6R with DOTSS two.
  2. Ilya_Plt

    FMC freezing after route insertion

    Yes, I had this too! It happened when the FMS allowed me insert a SID that was not valid for the departure runway. A few clicks later it started freezing up. I don't remember the exact route entry (departing KLAX) but PMDG did not allow this combination of runway and SID. Thanks. Ilya P.S. Navigraph 1713
  3. You guys have created an amazing aircraft. It was a long road but with hard work and persistence (along with the occasional forum abuse ) this is now one of best (if not the best) simulated aircraft. Congrats and can't wait for what's on the horizon. Ilya
  4. Ilya_Plt

    Nice Flight Today

    I agree with Mr. Odour. Plane is in a good place right now. Don't break it please.
  5. Ilya_Plt

    4.1 Working?

    Great, thanks!
  6. Ilya_Plt

    P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Guys, Just to add my 2 cents...almost all of the CTDs I've had to date in P3Dv4 (including today with the PMDG 737) was on a view switch. When you read other forums, many CTDs can be attributed to this activity. It seems to happen randomly and with an array of different add-ons. I really hope key developers like TFDi, Aerosoft, PMDG, etc can start putting pressure on LM to research and and help identify this issue. I understand we're in a bit of new territory with x64 and hopefully these are just growing pains. Ilya
  7. I agree as well but there should be a long-term fix for this somewhere down the line ( i hope).
  8. Guys, I really appreciate the help though this may be a tough nut to crack. I think the issue has always been there but its not consistent. It's quite possible that this may be caused by some incompatibility with EZdok. If you guys get a chance, please test together with that app switching back and forth between internal and external view. Also, not wanting to start a new topic about an inconsequential bug, the wipers were not stowing themselves after use using the park position. Thanks again. Ilya
  9. Interesting. But why does this only happen to me with the 717 and not the CRJ or any of the PMDG planes? So you're saying I should restart ASP4 when this happens?
  10. @turbofandude @gamesyns Guys - can you at least acknowledge on this one? Anything else I can provide to help troubleshoot? P3DV4H1 EZDok 2.5 Thanks! Ilya
  11. Using .9 and EZdok. Happened when I went from wing view back to cockpit. Only happens with this plane. Nothing in logs except the P3D hang.
  12. Ilya_Plt

    Very low FPS on MFD/PFD Only

    Question - how can u tell that your FPS on those gauges is 1-2FPS? I have HR on and do see the displays lag a bit but is there a way to actually see the FPS on these or is that just your guess?
  13. Ilya_Plt

    Auto Pilot/FD

    Cheez, relax. I'm seeing it. Feel better? The plane started an immediate turn towards the ILS but eventually settled down right on the dotted line. Maybe not realistic but didn't hurt either.
  14. Ilya_Plt

    Insuffient Fuel

    How come this is not listed as a fix for the newest update? Or maybe I'm blind. In any case, great work guys! Ilya