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  1. Yes, in P3D v4.4 IF the sim is running and then press the 'send fuel' button, the total FOB will change. Best Regards, Jack
  2. wsciutti

    MCDU Total Fuel Indication

    Gentlemen, Nice bird with a few problems. Tested in P3d v4.4 and FSX Steam: The total fuel quantity displayed seems to be hard coded. I can change the FOB through page 2 (weights) value but the total fuel indicated does not change, therefore the burn decreases the hard coded value. Also tried to back door through P3D vehicle fuel quantity to no avail. Perhaps you could take a look? Best Regards, Jack EDIT!!!! I stand corrected; if I use the manager AND the sim(P3D v4.4) is running, the fuel total IS correct!!!
  3. wsciutti

    Fuel loader

    This option does NOT work in P3D v4.4!!!! Jack
  4. Hello Mr. Riley, Do you not test to see if the 717 is compatible??? 4.4 is a world of difference than just updates. Thanks. Jack
  5. wsciutti

    CG Value

    Thank you. I discovered that yesterday. My bad. Jack
  6. wsciutti

    CG Value

    Hi all, New to this bird and need help with: How do you compute the CG for data entry with no performance charts?? Not new to flight simming and was a RL military and TWA pilot many moons ago. Thanks for the help. Jack