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  1. I know I have posted this before,however I find it unbelievable that there is 1. no American livery for this great aircraft 2. what I am reading is the NO paint kit by TFDi that is compatible with 1.1 release, again why? Is someone able to be a hero and step up and create an American repaint undoubtedly it will get hundreds of down loads and you will be famous for making the first of a series of AAL liveries. Forget the TWA and just create an all American paint. Thanks!
  2. Has no one made an American livery for B717 yet ? That should of come with the base model. Is there a link I might of missed some where ?? didn't see it any place on line. Any privileged person out there know please share . Thanks............
  3. I just recently got X Plane and tried to log a flight with Smartcars no go. Is there something I am missing an update a button or is it uncompatible ?? Seached topic no results. Thanks
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