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  1. I guess the next question is did you do a full reinstall from scratch? And then if @hilkiah did a full reinstall as well or just the client. Brian Thibodeaux
  2. @hilkiah says he's still been getting them.
  3. For anyone who is interested I developed a set of Bespoke events to get the GoFlight modules to work with the TFDi 717. Whats included: This is how i have it programmed for now. For those that know what they are doing you can easily change the assignments inside the GIT Program itself. MCP Full functionality with the MCP. Switches and buttons not assigned on the panel itself. Flight Director (L/R), LVL Chg, VORLOC, VS. Displays, all but the speed window are assigned. I did not like the display that was returned to the panel so I disabled that particular display. How to interact with knobs. Pushing the knob is the same as Pushing the knob on the 717 MCP. So in the case of the Alitude knob on the Boeing MCP Pushing the knob is Alt Sel and the button is Alt Hold. This is reversed programmed in this case. As I stated, Pushing the Knob on your hardware will be the same as Pushing the knob on the 717 MCP. Pulling the knob is done by pushing the corresponding button. Speed, HDG Sel and Alt Hld (This is Alt Sel in this case). Random Buttons. IAS/MAC is done with C/O. SPD Intv is the HDG TRK Toggle, Alt Intv is VS FPA. AP Engage Buttons would as expected. Each and every single one will engage Autoflight. The Disengage bar, is the same as depressing the AP Disengage button on the yoke. Cycle the switch down, first press of the button, cycle it up is the second press of the button. A/T Arm switch works the same as the Disengage bar except for the autothrottle. It is the same as pressing the AT switch on the throttle. EFIS (Captain side only for now) Range is Fully functional Mode Selector is fully functional. Nothing assigned for TCAS Data Selectors go with their corresponding buttons with a few exceptions. WXR Only turns on the Radar and should set the tilt to approx 5*. I might have to look at the tilt function a tad more. The display says 0 although the knob reads about 5. so it might be moving the knob without signalling the 717 to actually move the tilt. The TERR Button is the WX/TERR toggle button on the 717 EFIS. The POS Button is the TRFC Button on the 717 EFIS. Random Buttons. DH MDA knob button swaps RA and Baro. The knob itself sets the target. MTRS Toggles Ft/Meters on the MCP and PFD. BARO Knob button sets Std Altimeter for transition. Rotating the knob adjusts the altimeter. FPV is not assigned at this time. VOR L and R work as displayed on the EFIS Panel in the 717. Lights I setup Bespoke events for the lights. I did not provide my T8 panel assignments for them. This you will have todo on your own if you wish for quick access to them. Think thats it for now. Play around with it before you take flight online. Make sure you have an understanding of how I laid everything out. And most of all, please provide feedback here or a forum message. Brian Thibodeaux
  4. @Sanpp @mach533x Just purchased the 717 today. Still lots to be done to it, but its taking shape. I'll also be doing the most current Alaska livery if it doesn't drive me nuts. No timeline on that though.