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  1. There hasn't been any movement or new development in over a year. The bugs and submissions list is huge. Is this thing dead? If so, can you maybe open source the non-network specific stuff so we can make it do more?
  2. I know of a few of the alerts (e.g. 250 overspeed below 10,000ft). Is there a complete list? We are going to build a pilot flying rating system I'd like to know all of the good and bad messages posted in the log if at all available. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Jeff Thomas

    Cargo Weight

    Is there a way you could add cargo weight to the PIREP please? It's like the only thing missing
  4. So my VA flys every Monday night. Unfortunately, we all start up our smartCars clients about the same time. Once the flightplans have been filed, and the position reports start, GoDaddy's see all of these requests coming in as a DDOS attack and start blocking them. We do not use the position reports (yet), but is there a way to turn them off or throttle them back so they do not happen so often? I see we can increase the frequency, but I'd actually like to make it longer. Not sure if that will help, and I realize this is really an issue between me and GoDaddy, but I was just curious. Thanks. Jeff VP-IT American Virtual Airlines
  5. Jeff Thomas

    Download counter

    It would be nice if we could see a counter on the website product page of the number of times our client was downloaded so we can gage numbers of customers and what not.
  6. Is there a way to send more detailed information back to the SmartCARS client when a Pirep fails? I have a pretty strict validation routine that fails for invalid string combinations (i.e. SQL exploits) on the "text" fields, and I would like to be able to send back a more detailed message telling the pilot to "fix" their Comments or Route or something. Right now, it seems to just "bomb" and there's little they can do except quit. It looks like right now, all we can send back are Success, Error, and Auth_Failed messages.... Just curious. I can always tell them to be very careful with special characters in those areas, but they'll forget..... Thanks, Jeff
  7. I'll try another question and see if anyone responds...... Also is there crash detection built in? What state or message would that be on position report? Jeff
  8. Are there instructions ANYWHERE to tell me how to connect SmartCARS to a/the chat server?
  9. To add on to this, what I really need to know is when does flight time start and when does it end so I can parse the log and figure those out as we log both start time and end time as well as flight time.
  10. Can you please confirm these are the phases in a PositionReport? 0 : at gate awaiting departure 1 : pushback 2 : taxi from gate 3 : N/A?? 4 : take off 5 : cruise 6 : descent 7 : approach/landing 8 : final 9 : N/A?? 10: taxi to gate 11: ?? 12: arrived at gate Thanks. Jeff
  11. Ok great. I can do a simple replace on the 'dot'. Thanks!
  12. I am just taking the LOG field and putting it into the database directly, then on getPirepData I am getting it directly back out again. When it get to the client, in the Event Log table, I only see 1 event line with ALL my events in it. When you hover over the event you can see as much as it can show inside the window. I've attached what I'm seeing. Is there a special delimiter or storage I'm supposed to use?
  13. I'm trying to insert the flight time during a "filepirep" and I need to know the exact format it is being sent to the API ($_GET['flighttime'] specifically). If you remember we are building a custom interface to our existing db and not phpvms. We're going into a MySQL db,into a `time` field with an insert like this: TIME_FORMAT('00.37','%H:%i:%s') The format coming back from the client (in this case a 37 minute flight) has a period in it which freaks MySQL out. I can fix it for minutes in this case, but I need to know the exact format for long hauls so I don't have issues as we get more pilots flying. Is that possible? Thanks! Jeff VP-IT American Virtual Airlines