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  1. I don’t use AI boats at all so I don’t need to update the scenery. But thanks anyway
  2. Yeah I don’t know man it’s quiet around here for sure
  3. I guess I spoke too soon changed to a wing view and then back to the VC and nothing only a black screen and CTD. So I guess it’s not solved. I’ll just stick with the little window thing again
  4. Just client and content, and I did a clean install of the plane. Now who knows I could have a CTD anytime, I’m just saying that I flew it most of the day yesterday and all was good.
  5. Oh really? Well so far so good on my rig
  6. Good day just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve been flying the 717 quite a bit today and changing views a lot. The CTD issue while changing views seems to have been solved. At least on my end it has anyway. I can’t speak for anyone else.
  7. Ok cool yeah it would be great to have it all the same.
  8. Yes but I’m talking about saving a panel state in the FMC. You can save a panel state and it shows up in the persistence folder.
  9. Am I looking in the right place? Where in the FMC do I find the loadable states.
  10. In the meantime I’ll keep trying a few things on my end maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong.
  11. Not showing up as a loadable state
  12. I just checked and yes it did save in the persistence folder
  13. I’ll report back when I’m back on the sim. I’ll check the folders for the file.
  14. Good day guys, I just set up a flight and went into the FMC and saved the aircraft state as “ready to go”. But I had to close out my sim and when I loaded the sim back up I went into the FMC to load my panel state but it didn’t save. Any ideas what I Amy be doing wrong? Thanks