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  1. Completely agreed, though I dont see many people mentioning it running well at all sadly (CTD wise) and the only other known fix is using another VC panel which heavily impacts the FPS. I tried your suggestion along with a variety of graphics settings on P3D and I havent been able to address the CTD issue. If anything the CTD was now sort of freeze framing the flight deck before the sim window hangs and then just disappears. But also being said, I dont think people are bickering per se, rather, I just think people are becoming frustrated that this issue has been present for so long. Other aircraft work just fine with the settings I am running, I also run the PMDG 737 and several Carenado aircraft from a BGA down to smaller planes like a C206 and they work fine on my settings not a single CTD with these add on planes.
  2. Just tried this now with transparent surfaces disabled and had 2x CTD when changing into the VC.
  3. CTD only on view change.
  4. Have also gotten multiple CTD with 4.4 updated client now... with FMS loaded it will CTD, just about every flight I did to test it experienced a CTD 😞 Even tried an additional external locked spot view while in virtual cockpit and still experienced CTD when switching views.