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  1. Delighted to see rain and fog modeled and there being realistic methods of dealing with them, wipers and anti-ice. But just wondering if one fails to use the anti-icing, will the aircraft accumulate ice and suffer performance degradation?
  2. Thx a lot for the info. As a newbie to the Big Birds I was prompted to ask by the use of the term "auto takeoff" in a review. I found the concept amazing. Your text is really helpful in understanding a way to use the systems that I suspect might not be explicitly explained elsewhere.
  3. I've seen numbers for the Max Range, but with passengers. What would the max range of the TFDi B717 with only the flight crew and a full load of fuel? Need a max range of at least 2200 nm to make Hawaii for a flight event I'd like to fly. Would prefer the B717, but need the range for right now.
  4. you puzzle me, ofc I use waypoints. Note, I wrote "will be my first such aircraft", future tense Not sure what you mean by "Your first post didn't say anything about following waypoints to get you ready for manual landing" Anyway, thank you for informing me about an area that in the past got bad reviews, should be buying the B717 this weekend, looking forward to fighting my way through to competence. Seems a sweet and a bit quirky bird and TFDi has shown the integrity to stick with it and winning rave reviews. No idea how they managed financially, but grateful.
  5. Great job, my very first transatlantic flight was on a TWA Constellation and yes, mammoths were still walking the earth and we had the dorsal gun turret addon to deal with the odd pterodactyl.
  6. Somewhere, sometime I 'think' I remember a cheap or shareware program that simulated FO V speed callout.
  7. total newbie to airliners, a 'virgin' you might say and it would be vastly amusing to have the Virgin America livery on my plane. If you want to be a bit naughty Virgin American would be a hoot. I think, not knowing the first thing about the magic you do, it would be fairly easy to do. Please let me know if this might happen. Best wishes.
  8. Thx for the support. As a virgin in the Sky Whale universe it would amuse me enormously. Ofc my time is spent struggling in the cockpit looking out not floating like some misplaced angel admiring the 4x paint work. LOL
  9. Oh, definitely new to all this. The B717 will be my first such aircraft, so I'm well aware of the vast amount I have to learn - hence my wondering what this modeling of the B717 can do. Still a review did refer to AutoTakeoff, perhaps the reviewer didn't know a lot more than I. Odd what you say about the AP as I use my flight plans to guide me via waypoints to position me in place and altitude to start a landing. Would have though an AP could do the same.
  10. Been reading a number of reviews, mostly very nice, and ran into something I had never heard of, being one for single or twin engined GA. Autoflight, different reviews have refereed to AUTO TAKEOFF, AUTO LANDING and ofc flying in between with the AutoPilot. Can I have understood this correctly? Get in, set your flight into the FMC, trundle down to the end of the runway and you off with AUTO TAKEOFF, engage the AutoPilot, snooze until approaching your destination runway and engage AUTO LANDING and land while sipping tea, then after landed trundle to the off loading area and accept the congratulations for a fine flight?????
  11. Was reading reviews of the B717 last night, generally very positive. One review, January 2017, mentioned problems with the "Autoflight" Autopilot working correctly or at all. " For those of you who have been on the TFDi forums, you may, you may notice there are quite a few complaints about the autoflight, and how it doesn’t work. We’ll start with the basics of the system. There’s a VNAV, V/S, and ALT HOLD mode for altitudes, and LNAV and HDG hold for navigation. There’s also a speed hold mode, but I didn’t have much luck with engaging it. Out of all of these modes, I only got HDG and V/S to work on a regular basis. VNAV worked most of the time, but getting from VNAV onto the ILS didn’t seem to work, nor does the ND display TOC and TOD points. LNAV worked sometimes as well, but many users complained of poor “magenta line” performance (following the route.) ALT Hold never engaged for me, and I only successfully captured the ILS in this plane once. So, as of right now, the autoflight isn’t very good." I know the B717 has been a WIP for a while and I'm hoping to hear these issues have been resolved. Very interested in your B717, but can't envision myself hand flying it for hours. I know this review was almost a year and a half before the V1.1 update release, just seeking reassurance the above issues are fixed.
  12. thx for letting me know the why, most ppl wouldn't bother
  13. Yes, I know how to use Google, but surely it is somewhere hidden in the docs for the numbers the TFDi B717 uses? d
  14. Is there any simple, cheap software that could provide this? I think I remember something like that.
  15. Wondering if I can avoid the screaming, whimpering passengers and setup my B717 as a cargo carrier? As far as I've seen there are no images of cargo containers, loaders etc, but could the config somehow be set up as a cargo carrier?