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  1. Hello! I wonder from which source PACX is taking the vert speed for landing? Because no matter how soft I land, it is always way higher then other programs reporting. For example my last landing was 33 fpm reported by the project fly client, and 256 fpm reported by PACX. From my feeling it was a pretty soft landing with the Dash8,in which I have a lot of experience and know how to land it. Also for other aircrafts PACX seems to show too high fpm rates.
  2. Thank you very much! Very nice to have the option to add it!
  3. Hello! I was in the belief that we can use PACX on any aircraft. On my last flight I tried something more "exotic" for a modern day PAX sim and flew the A2A Constelation. On starting the flight on PACX I thought if I just leave the aircraft selection empty I will be able to set passengers in a free way. But I have to select an airplane for this to work. The list is not that big, and I thought these are the airplanes OFFICIALLY supported by PACX, for things like seatbelt recongnition and so on. So, I have to select a little embraer or something to get it to work for the Conni. Is this the way it is made, or did I run into a sort of bug? Thank you! PS: Maybe in the future it is possible to activate a sort of Historic or Vintage mode, changing the announcements and such things?
  4. Hello! The Sound of the B717 is changing without any noticeable trigger. See youtube video, timestamps in the description. Is there anyone else with this problem and maybe a trace to the cause of this? Its on P3Dv4.4, latest available B717. Thanks
  5. Rhinozherous


    Hello! I see that PACX is very intuitive, but is there no manual? A short overview of what it is doing and how it works in the background would be nice. I am also left with two questions... The only way to close it is via right click in the taskbar - close window? When I select a "generic pa" I can hear nothing... What is this doing? Thanks