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  1. i did this, and in my data folder is the current update, but the old 1610 version is still showing in the sim. Help?
  2. I bought the TFDI 717 a few days ago. Installation went well, and the addon manager worked. I am using windows 10 and P3dV4.5. I opened the addon manager today, and got a message that an update for it was available. I clicked to allow installation of the update. It said an error occurred, and it deleted my addon manager. I reinstalled from my installation files, and it again said there was an update. Each time I try to download it, it said there is an error, and my addon manager disappears. Can you help?
  3. I am thinking of buying this product for boxed FSX. Does the CTD when switching views only happen in P3D, or is it happening in FSX as well?