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  1. The fact that LM is selling a new platform with these issues is disgusting. No way this wasn't noticed in beta testing. Makes me want to quit their products.
  2. Yes, this statement is true for me. As soon as I try and load the 717, my GPU crashes.
  3. Completely fair. And, I realize that all developers are different, but PMDG, FSLabs, QW, and etc. have nicely updated products. Just seems odd that you aren't ready. Even in v4 you had all kinds of problems (at least for me) with flickering and etc. Just makes me wonder.
  4. Can’t anyone elaborate on why this is till in beta for v5?
  5. iverne

    beta p3dv5

    It doesn't work in V5 anyway. You will immediately lose VRAM and your GPU will crash. So I wouldn't worry about being able to install it yet.