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  1. It's unprecedented IMO, that a Developer has been so Quiet in the forums regarding any kind of issue. It's almost like a Ghost Town in here. It's very strange that the Developers have not responded at all, I recall maybe one thread somewhere with respect to the CTD issue, indicating that it was an LM issue. Maybe they are passing the Buck, maybe not. It's like the Developers are laying low, in hopes that the problem will go away on it's own. I hope they are not going to fold up camp and just sail off into the sunset. I am concerned, because it was one of my favourite planes to jump into and do quick regional flight. I am over reacting I guess, and I do hope the Developers really do care about this issue, don't they?
  2. Quoting my own post. I found I had LM's UI (User Interface) set at 512 TEXTURE size. I changed it to 1024 or 2048 and the flickering\flashing seems to subside substantially. I then went into EZDok and reset my VC view points and saved the new setups. Using the higher texture size, the flickering\flashing has stopped when I change from O/S to inside (any) view. Maybe I'm lucky and found the right spot, but I think it is still a collaborative issue between TFdi and LM. I'm just surprised TFDi has not put a statement on this with regard to P3Dv4.4. Regards
  3. A couple of days ago I did two flights and everything seemed to be operating as it should, changing views, everything. I use EZDok and have upgraded to the P3D4.4 beta version. After updating P3D to v4.4, when I change between inside forward cockpit view to any outside view it is working fine. When I change from the normal pilot view and look up (using EZDok) at the Overhead view I get a fast paced flickering \flashing and cannot use my mouse to click anywhere. The same goes if I look down at the Console views for Throttle, radio Stack or FMC's. So. it seems that when I want to look around inside the VC Cockpit I get this violent flickering\flashing. I do not get a CTD like others have reported, just the flickering\flashing. Even without EZDok it happens when I pan around the cockpit. Regards
  4. Thanks for the fast response. Also, I have installed the liveries into FSX and I get the normal VC views (OK), but when I do an external view I am now seeing a view of the aircraft inner frame only, no aircraft paint, just the hull of the aircraft. Now I updated to the latest version last night. Does the update install new versions in both P3Dv4 and FSX at the same time? Maybe something went wrong with the FSX update.
  5. Just a quickie, know the liveries work in P3Dv4, but are the livery files on the TFDi site compatible with FSX as well. I have both sims. If not, where can I get FSX liveries. Regards, Tom
  6. I may have found my problem. I have the aircraft sitting at YBHM (Hamilton, Australia) in a QantasLink Livery. I created a FP through SimBrief, YBHM - YSSY. I can load the plan into the MCDU OK, but when I go to clear the Discontinuity between the MK and TESAT waypoints at LK5 in the MCDU I get the minidump message and FSX CTD. But the thing is I setup another flight from a different airport (KATL) and also installed a FP (KATL-KMDW) into the MCDU and I was able to clear 2 Discontinuity's without issue. Is it possible this FP's waypoint MK and or TESAT is invalid, causing the CTD. I am including the FP file in case might want to try and duplicate the problem, maybe the file is corrupted somehow. Thanks YBHMYSSY01.xml
  7. ...Further...It seems to happen when I press LK5 on the MCDU to clear the "Discontinuity" line.
  8. Whenever I press the CLR button in the MCDU to clear a "Discontinuity" line in the flight plan I get the minidump message. This has only started happening recently.
  9. Believe me I'm not trolling here, nor have I ever trolled a forum. A paying customer who wants credible answers from someone who actually works for TFDi. GSO, You can call me a liar ("load of BS"), but I do get good results from my current setup. Check your facts, I said I get a frame rates ranging up to 30fps locked IN THE AIR. Sorry I wasn't clear on that. Calm down man! Jealousy gets you no where. I'm envious of my system performance as well, considering my "piece of garbage". Thanks, you have good one!
  10. Your not a rep of TFDi? You sure know your apples and oranges, and model polys. You want to chime in here Collin? Thanks
  11. ...then be amazed, because I have a very stable setup I am happy with for now and very rarely get a CTD with the system I have absolutely no issues with PMDG, Aerosoft, Majestic I am happy with everything about my setup, not including of coarse this add on. Bottom line, I am not happy with the TFDi 717 performance on my system. I would love to upgrade to a better system to run FSX, but why should I when I get my modest FPS of 16 on the ground and locked FPS 30 (again, I am happy with) in the air with above mentioned addons. All this on what you said, "your processor is horrible in today's standards". It is my fault and I am sorry I did not check your "minimum system requirements" before I bought the product. PS: Your minimum requirements on your product page, not much detail here Requirements A network connection for activation and installation 1GB of disk space Minimum hardware specifications for the desired simulator platform Windows Vista or later Regards, Tom
  12. C++ seems to be a big part of this add on. Is it possible to roll my version back. Shot in the dark, willing to try anything. BTW specs are: Intel Core 4 QuadCPU Dell Q6600 @2.4GHz OC'd @3.2GHz RealTek Audio Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX 4.0 GB of RAM Hitachi SCSI Disk Drive Seagate FreeAgent Desktop USB Drive Dell SP2208WFP Monitor Windows 7 Home FSX SP2 Tom
  13. That did not seem to do it. Even rebooted computer. Long load times and FSX seems to freeze up. FPS did show 5.6 instead of the usual 0.4 in the frozen state if that is any consolation. I guess we can try the other steps you mentioned. In meantime I'm off to bed. Talk later. Thanks, Tom
  14. OK, it only allows for "application" files, so I have excluded (trusted) the Milvez .exe and will load plane in FSX and see what happens. I will let you know. Tom
  15. Collin, thanks for the feedback here. As you can see. I am very frustrated with this and if it were possible I would like to resolve this issue ASAP. I Antivirus angle sounds promising. I did not think of that at all. Can I try the "trust" program feature on my Norton Virus? And if so, is it the Milviz program only I should setup under Trusted or the Total TFDi Folder? Tom