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  1. Hi Collin and crew! Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for a very much appreciated update to an already trend setting addon software. This upgrade was a whole other world of improvement to your base release. The improvements were ground breaking for a hands off, autonomous passenger simulation. I did not expect that my crew would actually announce my arrival airport, the local weather and time at my arrivals; incredible. Thanks again for a superb flight simulation product. Joe
  2. Patience beginning to melt . . . . JP
  3. Patience, patience . . . very much looking forward to your release.


    I'll be looking forward to it. Thanks Colin. Joe
  5. I knew you probably already had it handled. Thanks again. JP
  6. I too am very much looking forward to the update. I am successfully utilizing PACX and have it synced with FS3Crew, FSCaptain and GSX. It works seamlessly and very realistically. The planned improvement of notifying boarding is complete etc will be great enhancement. It would be nice if the lead flight attendant 'verbally' notified the flight deck crew that the boarding (deboarding) is complete and to ready for door closure, cross check, etc. I am not overly fond of scrolling screen text, counter realistic on my flight deck. I know, it is an option; but having the attendant verbally notify the flight deck would be most realistic. Thanks as always Collin and much appreciated your time to get me working with PACX on my system. Happy Friday! Joe
  7. Issue resolved - see specific thread. Thanks Joe
  8. Ticket has been closed and the issue solved via a live session (on a Sunday, mind you) with turbofandude. After some inspection, he quickly isolated it to a conflict issue between VAinterface and PACX in that both apps were attempting to share the same 9000 port. After discovery of the issue, he set PACX to use 9500 and all issue resolved. I am just chagrined that I did not find this before. However, thanks to a truly dedicated and professional TFDI team lead, all systems . . . GO. Again, I want to say, exceptional support!! Thanks, Joe
  9. Thanks Florin, I have done much of that already to isolate it to a conflict with the VA hardware interface (VAinterface application) and PACX application). I have a remote session scheduled with the developer tomorrow to see if we can ferret out the issue. Joe
  10. Thanks Florin, we are for the most part using ALL the same addons, other than I use many Megasceneryearth for scenery and flight-beam and other payware airports. The only significant difference in our systems is I am using Virtual Avionics hardware. Any Ideas for me? Again thanks . . . Joe
  11. Hi Florin, I appreciate it is working for you, however, are you running the hardware as well, i.e., MCP pro, EFIS . . . and a tablet with the CDU? Also, are you running the full VAinterface or VAinterface lite? It is definitely a conflict between these two apps (PACX/VA), I have been testing and resetting this many times, tried many solutions. . . I also run 8 or 9 other addons like AS4, Rex, FSCaptain, FS2crew . . . etc. I have been thru a protracted process of elimination, narrowed it down to VAinterface and PACX. All runs and plays well until I load PACX . . . Thanks for your feedback but I'd have to know more about your configuration for this to be helpful. Much appreciated, Joe
  12. I am a home cockpit build with the PMDG 737 NGX and would love to incorporate PACX into my software suites. However, after several attempts I am baffled by an apparent conflict which 'freezes' P3D V4.5 (and seems to be a conflict between PACX and VAinterface apps). I use several stacks of GoFlight hardware and of course, Virtual Avionics EFIS, MCP (pro) and CDU among several other hardware components. It all plays well together until I launch PACX from the add on menu in P3D. PACX will load and I can set up everything but as soon as I close the PACX window, the NGX and for that matter P3D has frozen hard. Once it has frozen, I can only release it by going to the desktop and ending the P3D via the task manager. I have checked for virus software blocking both PACX and VAinterface (which connects my Virtual Avionic hardware), I have made sure that windows firewall is not blocking any critical application associated with P3D or the NGX. I have made sure that I have full control of all of these apps as well in the 'properties'/security settings . .. I was hoping to get some help here from the TFDI team but I understand they are busy, so I thought I'd put my issue out to the forum. Any suggestions, directions or help is much appreciated. I would love to add PACX to my PMDG sim. I have used PACX with the the TFDI 717 and have quite enjoyed it. Thanks in advance Joe
  13. Sure, how do you propose to do that, i.e.., gotomeeting? Let me know. I also put in a support ticket because my troubleshooting resulted in overdoing my licensed installs. I want you to know how much I appreciate your attention to my situation! Thanks much! Joe
  14. I believe I have isolated it to a conflict between Virtual Avionics hardware MCP737-R, EFIS737 Pro, Virtual CDU and PACX. Everything is fine after loading the interface software, VAinterface. It is when I open PACX that the hardware locks up. Closing and reloading the software, PACX or VAinterface becomes impossible and the only choice is to close P3D before it freezes and if it freezes, it has to be unloaded via Task manager. I cannot understand what the conflict can be but it is the hardware I only use with the PMDG NGX as part of a home cockpit. I enjoyed your 717 but now I want to move back to my mainstay and reconnect all of my cabin hardware/software AND I wanted to integrate PACX into that project. Your thoughts and direction would be most appreciated. Thanks . . . Joe