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  1. Thanks alot for your dedication. Looking forward of testing her
  2. SAS443

    No TruGlass

    I posted this in my support ticket. "I'm happy to inform you that I have solved it. since I run P3D 4.3, your installers for real light and true glass will look online for latest versions (which seems incompatible with P3D 4.3) Solution is to go OFFLINE before running the installers, then the local copy of true glass and real light will be installed, and they play nice with P3D 4.3"
  3. SAS443

    No TruGlass

    I have the same issue aswell. Trueglass is working neither in the B717 nor Maddog X. Trueglass.dll is found in gauges folder re-installed B717 as admin several times. unchecked "disable transaprent surfaces" in TFDI Addon manager. However no entry was made in add-on cfg, so had to manually add it via Lorby organizer. (pointed to Trueglass xml found in Simobjects/airplanes/tfdi B717/Trueglass) I'm ready to give up... EDIT: also installed latest version via stand alone installer that was provided by maddog X, found in Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\MaddogX: Still does not work.
  4. You will only get bearings (dashed white lines). Range rings has never been a feature of the Honeywell Pegasus FMS for the B717 (and also MD11 earlier)
  5. Hello The changelog for the current version states However, I think it is not correct implemented still. The airplane symbol "fill" is transparent. So far so good. BUT: The white outline of airplane symbol should be superimposed over the magenta route. Just as the small centre dot. See screenshot from Youtube video My display in the TFDI 717 looks like this. You can clearly see the magenta line cutting through the airplane symbol Please try to fix this
  6. Easiest way is to remove / rename the file "dxgi.dll" from Prepar3d root directory.
  7. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  8. Flightplan: ESSA/01L ARS4C ARS DCT BEDLA N866 MOXAM MOXA2T ESGG/21 Youtube clip below. The jump in FMS speed occurs at around 03:10
  9. Hello I have had this issue on all my flights with the 717 (always using the latest betq-versions) Scenario: On ILS approach Landing FLAPS selected FMS Speed (magenta thrust mode on FMA) At around 700' AGL, the speed jumps up from roughly 13X:ish (usually my VAPP target) to 145, no apparent reason why. This is irregardless of weather/ wind conditions. For my latest flight VAPP was 133, but all of a sudden target was "reset" to 145 which is way too fast. Any ideas what is causing this behavior? here is a screenshot: Thanks in advance
  10. Hello I had the same thing happen to me. My fix was to disable Reshade, do you have it running zs-kev?
  11. Hello I have the very same issue. It happens when the aircraft tunes the intended landing runway's ILS freq. (in your image you can see the NO LOC. NO G/S label on the PFD, the ILS is tuned but not received yet) This behaviour is not correct IRL, since the ILS receivers are independent from VOR. Hopeflly they can fix this
  12. Thanks for your comment. It just seems odd that a 204 radial input in the FMS would be depicted on the ND as a dashed line tracking 022 MAG / 202 MAG. And the magenta dashed line does not change direction when switching to TRUE orientation? Hence my question if the input in the FMC is treated as true north reference. Thanks in advance
  13. Hello Tried the version "community beta", and ckecked out some of the features that was implemented. Among the many items we find [ADDED] VOR Radial indicator lines on the ND While the course lines are drawn neatly on the ND, the course line and heading bug pointer did not align (Sorry do not have a screenshot) They were off some 5 degrees and in my area that's pretty much the Mag. variation here (5 degrees east). Heading reference was set to MAG on the glareshield panel.
  14. I actually lost 15 fps with this. (went from 53fps on ORBX ESSA to roughly 38 fps, and P3d crashes everytime on exiting the application)