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  1. Note: we have built in native v5 support into the Addon Manager now. The beta link has been removed.
  2. I will check up on this WXR issue tomorrow and report back when I have some results.
  3. This will be our official screenshot thread; submit your TFDi Design product related screenshots here for a chance to have your screenshot (and your name) featured in our product highlights. We look forward to seeing your wonderful screenshots!
  4. RogueShadow


    Glad to hear the current format is working well. I am all ears for Tablet OS v2.0 suggestions -- functionality and design.
  5. Thanks for all the support everyone!
  6. Thank you for letting me know; I will modify the code for this logic.
  7. RogueShadow


    You may install the 717 on both FSX and P3D without additional licenses. For P3D versions, in my personal experience, the most stable version is currently version P3D v4.5, versus v5.
  8. PACX version is here! In-Sim Overlay One of the highlights of this update is the new In-Sim Overlay (HUD), as shown below: This allows users to interact with PACX without having to leave your simulator / any sort of ALT+TAB activity. Simulator Support PACX is compatible with multiple simulators. With this update, we also bring native compatibility support to the newly released Prepar3D v5. Sounds We've revisited nearly every sound to improve volume and spacing of announcements and interactions. As well, we've improved our sound engine to furt
  9. Are you using any hardware for controls? Joystick, x-box controller (360 / xbox one), rudder pedals, yoke, etc.
  10. The flow of the procedures vary between airlines, but that is the general after-takeoff flow.
  11. Your Intel Integrated Graphics won't provide enough hardware power for Prepar3D. FSX works fine because FSX is a CPU-oriented platform. P3D is GPU-oriented. If you have access to one, try a computer with a NVIDIA or AMD dedicated graphics card.
  12. koko, Can you check to make sure your graphics drivers are up to date? If it gives you a CTD upon gauge rendering, it sounds like the displays are actually drawing, but your computer isn't translating that drawing into any rendering. May/may not be relevant, but what is your graphics card?
  13. Can you check if you have either of the following, or both: as_connect_64.dll as_connect_v5.dll These are the modules the aircraft uses for the wx radar API.
  14. Hi Marc, The one I've uploaded on Discord will break the v4 wx radar. If you are still on v4, no update is required. (note - in the official release, both v4 and v5 wx radars will be functional. this is just for the beta) Cheers,
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