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  1. Thanks guys, I will do some prepping and I may have a release build or two for you to try out. Fly those builds as you'd normally would and do your view switching to the outside/back in. I'm going to start the first one with the new rendering tech disabled, so you'll see your FPS cut by... a lot... - that is using the old rendering way. If that still causes the view switch bug, we'll know for sure PDK isn't the issue here. Are you both on our TFDi Design discord server? I'll start a private discussion channel so we can discuss things further there. (and for anyone else who would like to help out)
  2. I'm actually suspecting this has something to do with the way P3D's PDK is handling the rendering of our 2D graphics using our technology; using PDK is the reason we were able to double your frame rates by switching a rendering technology. When you switch views back into your aircraft, it has to re-render your PFD, ND, etc. displays and something somewhere along that process causes P3D to say "yup nope I'm done!" This view switch CTD also started getting reports just as we introduced the new rendering technology, so that is even more of a lead into my investigations/directions on where to look. However - I say this to keep you guys updated on my findings. It is NOT anything official, and I am definitely not confirming this as the problem. I'm merely just making an educated guess based on my understanding of PDK, the rendering process of our proprietary technology that doubled your frame rates, and what I've heard from the community.
  3. Hi Pierre, I have similar specs as you (I also have an 8700K, 1080) and I also notice HDR getting very bright sometimes - same scenario as you. It is the nature of P3D.
  4. This is caused by Prepar3D's HDR rendering option. You can resolve this by turning off HDR in P3D.
  5. Hey Skyhawk, If this is still persisting, please open a support ticket with us regarding this issue.
  6. I'm revisiting this because it happened with my system a while ago but I couldn't reproduce it. For anyone who is able to reproduce this 100% every single time at a given scenario, please send me a private message; I'd like to schedule a remote debugging session with you - if it's actually something on our end, we will be able to see which line of code is breaking. If it's not something on our end, we can still see which module is causing it via the debugger.
  7. Ah alright, thanks for checking. I will hold for further updates.
  8. It looks like the current module is breaking our code; I will take a further look this weekend and report back. For the time being, please disable the module by removing it from the Modules folder as a temporary workaround. Thanks for your patience guys.
  9. Hi Tim, Which version of the simulator are you running?
  10. Is this with a manual land or autoland? Do you have any possible conflicting hardware? (eg joystick that twists for rudder + rudder pedals)
  11. Keep us posted! On a side note, are you going to be reinstalling Windows or just uninstalling your current MOBO drivers and install new drivers after the switch? I'm just curious, as I was always under the impression a full Windows reinstall is required after a board switch until I read an article the other day where someone did a switch and just uninstalled/installed new drivers...
  12. Welcome to the new hardware forum! I've decided to open up an off-topic section where everyone can discuss about their PC hardware. No matter if it's asking for advice, or peer to peer support, here's an off-topic forum for you. Cheers,