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    DXGI error

    Are both monitors connected to the same 980Ti? Are you using SLI?
  2. RogueShadow

    displays black and switch no reaction

  3. Hey all, To address the issue with some of our customers noticing the entire cockpit blank and no switches that are clickable : We've noticed that an oversight in the Addon Manager allowed customers to install the aircraft to Prepar3D v4 without participating in the Community Opt-In Beta. However, this resulted in the Addon Manager installing the 32 bit version of the aircraft to the 64 bit simulator. As expected, the entire cockpit turned INOP. This issue has been resolved with the latest version of the Addon Manager. Please uninstall the 717 completely and re-run the Addon Manager to receive its update. If you wish to participate in the Community Opt-In Beta to receive the build for Prepar3D v4, please follow these instructions:
  4. RogueShadow

    FPS Drop and Slideshow with 717

    Can you try updating to the latest COB and report back on how your frames are?
  5. RogueShadow

    Still bad FPS after update

    Hi Erik, Is P3D's dynamic lighting setting switched ON when this happens? What happens if it's OFF?
  6. RogueShadow

    Black screens in Prepar3d

    Just curious, was it the Hardware Rendering option?
  7. RogueShadow

    Cockpit Display

    Hey Mark, Here are a few things to try, as mentioned from other topics similar to yours: 1. Reinstall the aircraft, 2. Make sure you have the June 2010 version of DirectX 11 (found here: ), 3. Toggle the Hardware Rendering option.
  8. RogueShadow

    Problem with new release

    Couple things to try here, as mentioned in the other threads: Couple of things to try: 1. Reinstall the aircraft, 2. Make sure you have the June 2010 version of DirectX 11 (found here: ), 3. Toggle the Hardware Rendering option. See if any of those work for you.
  9. RogueShadow

    EFB and PFD

    Hey Alan, Couple of things to try: 1. Reinstall the aircraft, 2. Make sure you have the June 2010 version of DirectX 11 (found here: ), 3. Toggle the Hardware Rendering option. We are currently looking into what is causing this for a number of users. Try those steps and let me know if any of them worked for your system.
  10. RogueShadow

    Performance Update -

    Welcome to the community! If you are already subscribed to the Community Opt-In Beta, you just have to open and run your TFDi Design Addon Manager and it will automatically update the aircraft to the latest release. If not, you will have to add the Community Opt-In Beta to your account. Instructions can be found here:
  11. RogueShadow

    TERRAIN radar on

    Looking into this. From my experience, 64 bit will give a smoother experience to the WXR / TERR systems.
  12. RogueShadow

    TERRAIN radar on

    Which graphics card and CPU are you running? P3D version?
  13. RogueShadow

    TERRAIN radar on

    To turn on terrain: There is no need to turn on the WXR system to WX/T. You just need to push the WX/TERRAIN button. If you are not seeing the terrain display, please make sure: Your graphics card is compatible with DirectX 11 You have the June 2010 DirectX Runtime - can download from Microsoft here: Your antivirus has not blocked / quarantined / deleted the MV_EGPWS.dll from your 717 SimObjects folder You are in the vicinity of terrain. It will not show flat / relatively flat areas
  14. RogueShadow

    wx radar

    Correct, we display weather from both REX/Milviz WX Advantage and Active Sky. Can you confirm for me that your DirectX version (seen in the uninstall window) shows as June 2010? The radar has been compiled with June 2010 so make sure that is the version you're running before we drill further into your system.
  15. Welcome to the new hardware forum! I've decided to open up an off-topic section where everyone can discuss about their PC hardware. No matter if it's asking for advice, or peer to peer support, here's an off-topic forum for you. Cheers,
  16. RogueShadow

    Change my MO/BO

    Keep us posted! On a side note, are you going to be reinstalling Windows or just uninstalling your current MOBO drivers and install new drivers after the switch? I'm just curious, as I was always under the impression a full Windows reinstall is required after a board switch until I read an article the other day where someone did a switch and just uninstalled/installed new drivers...
  17. RogueShadow

    Displays going black during flight

    Perhaps if you are so good at looking at AVSIM, you'd find that we have posted this: Please read up before openly attacking. Have a nice day.
  18. Hi all, First off, Happy New Year! I just wanted to share a post from Brandon F. regarding the blank displays, what causes it to occur, and what we're trying to do to get it resolved. Please see his reply here: Cheers,
  19. RogueShadow

    Activation Says contact Development Team

    Mark, We'll have to reset your activations for the aircraft. Please send us a support ticket (so we can see which account it's tied to) and one of our staff will help you with the reset. Cheers,
  20. RogueShadow

    CTD when going back to cockpit

    We've reached out to LM and to my understanding, they have resolved this within their code. I'm not sure when it'll be released, as I have not seen this issue patched in their 4.1 changelog. Hopefully soon.
  21. RogueShadow

    Displays going black during flight

    Rafal, This issue is with Lockheed Martin, not with individual aircraft developers. For example, the PMDG 747-400 QOTSII also had this issue; there was a post about it on their forums.
  22. If you're running 1.0.9.xx, that's the community opt-in beta version. As mentioned, the release version is 1.0.8. Just to remind you though, the non-community opt-in beta versions are NOT compatible with P3D v4. Re: your CTD, please submit a ticket with us - we will have a look at what's going on a bit more in-depth.
  23. RogueShadow

    Crash before getting into 717

    How many displays are you running? Are they plugged into different GPUs?
  24. Welcome to the community. Could you please give us more information regarding the CTD? Specs, addons, mini-dump file in the root P3D directory if there is one, the Windows Event Viewer logs at a minimum.
  25. RogueShadow

    P3D V4 says coming soon. won't istall to v4

    Welcome to the community! You have to sign up for the Community Opt-In Beta for the version for P3D v4.x. See here: