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    You may install the 717 on both FSX and P3D without additional licenses. For P3D versions, in my personal experience, the most stable version is currently version P3D v4.5, versus v5.
  2. PACX version is here! In-Sim Overlay One of the highlights of this update is the new In-Sim Overlay (HUD), as shown below: This allows users to interact with PACX without having to leave your simulator / any sort of ALT+TAB activity. Simulator Support PACX is compatible with multiple simulators. With this update, we also bring native compatibility support to the newly released Prepar3D v5. Sounds We've revisited nearly every sound to improve volume and spacing of announcements and interactions. As well, we've improved our sound engine to further improve spacing and consistency. Passenger Experience A couple of passenger experience items have also been worked on. For instance, we've fixed a logic with regards to passengers not properly eating and drinking, we've fixed the sorting order of past flights, and fixed the boarding music logic. We've also corrected a variety of other issues and improved stability overall. In addition, a new feature is the display of passenger satisfaction with a percentage. As Collin has mentioned, though we originally opted not to show the percentage, upon our review, we've found this will better help users understand how PACX works. Other Changes This update also includes various other changes I haven't mentioned in this post. For a full change log, you can find that here:
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    Take off

    Are you using any hardware for controls? Joystick, x-box controller (360 / xbox one), rudder pedals, yoke, etc.
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    Take off

    The flow of the procedures vary between airlines, but that is the general after-takeoff flow.
  5. Your Intel Integrated Graphics won't provide enough hardware power for Prepar3D. FSX works fine because FSX is a CPU-oriented platform. P3D is GPU-oriented. If you have access to one, try a computer with a NVIDIA or AMD dedicated graphics card.
  6. koko, Can you check to make sure your graphics drivers are up to date? If it gives you a CTD upon gauge rendering, it sounds like the displays are actually drawing, but your computer isn't translating that drawing into any rendering. May/may not be relevant, but what is your graphics card?
  7. Can you check if you have either of the following, or both: as_connect_64.dll as_connect_v5.dll These are the modules the aircraft uses for the wx radar API.
  8. Hi Marc, The one I've uploaded on Discord will break the v4 wx radar. If you are still on v4, no update is required. (note - in the official release, both v4 and v5 wx radars will be functional. this is just for the beta) Cheers,
  9. Update 2: I have fixed the WXR and the build can be found on our Discord; please react to the emoji to give yourself the v5 Beta Tester role in the #assign-roles and you can find the beta 717.dll to run. We have yet to push out an official update, pending a few other changes.
  10. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion. Please see my response in:
  11. Hello, We are indeed done with new features added to the 717. Currently, the work done on the product are all towards v5 compatibility. This may/may not change but so far, no new features are being looked into. We are, however, looking at features for our MD-11 so if this is something you'd like to see, please submit a feature request here: Cheers,
  12. This is why our v5 update is in beta and the other products you just listed are in RTM (release to manufacturing).
  13. Staff on the forums are not obligated to provide support to every single post. For support, please open a Support Ticket.
  14. Marcel, Could you please send me a private message and see if the system will let you link it? If not, you can also upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox and share it with me. I'll debug it once received to see what is up. Thanks.
  15. This is actually an issue we've been seeing for not just the 717, but a lot of other addons as well. The source of this problem is v5 transitioning to the new TrueSky clouds, new water shaders, a change to DirectX 12, and a couple other changes. The loading splash screen has a massive VRAM spike to 100% usage for a few seconds... Part of the reason why the v5 build of our product is in beta is because of this high resource usage from the simulator itself. We are currently investigating what we can do to make it better (in terms of that VRAM usage in v5) for everyone to use.
  16. Ah wonderful, glad all is up and running for you now! Cheers,
  17. We will evaluate different cockpit configurations according to the references we have. General rule of thumb: we may consider something if we have proper reference for it. If we have zero reference for something, it's probably safe to assume (unless it's VERY straightforward / common sense) it will not be considered until we can get our hands on said references.
  18. Wonderful, thanks for the submissions! I see them in our resources pool.
  19. For anyone with the flickering, (I've not seen this yet on my side) -- could you guys try lowering your FPS limit? There was a really nasty flicker bug in v4.x that made the entire screen flicker like crazy, and the fix for it was to limit FPS to 55FPS and below. Wondering if this may help in v5?
  20. Tyler, I've never seen this before on my side. How are your winds setup? Since you mentioned it happens before flying over a waypoint, this is generally when the plane would prepare to turn to the next waypoint's heading. I'm thinking, in this case, perhaps hardware may be interfering? Try unplugging any joystick, yoke, XBox controller, etc. and see if that helps.
  21. Hi Aaron, That's really strange; do you have any programs like antivirus or server software running in the background? Those may change your network settings to allow / filter incoming network connections (especially the antivirus). The beta addon manager is separate from the release version addon manager; if nothing seems to be working, please open a ticket with us so Support can take a further look into it. The link is in my signature.
  22. This is really interesting; I will also take a look into the config changes. @plinio and everyone here -- I really appreciate all of our support so far and I really hope we can get to the bottom of this soon. VRAM usage has been high for not just our aircraft, but many other aircrafts as well (I've seen another long-haul airliner use up to 7 / 8 GB of my VRAM). This is due to a change to TrueSky clouds, the new water, DirectX 12, and many other changes in Prepar3D v5. I've even seen a spike in VRAM simply from the v5 loading splash screen itself!
  23. Angelo, Thanks for the suggestion about the aux fuel tanks. That seems like a pretty good long haul route! I can't confirm anything right now but keep in mind our general rule of thumb -- we may consider something if we have proper reference for it. If we have zero reference for something, it's probably safe to assume (unless it's VERY straightforward / common sense) it will not be considered until we can get our hands on said references.