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  1. bump to the top because this is a big issue.
  2. This plane is the heaviest on VAS out of any of the payware i have. Runs out of memory after 1.5 flights. That just started with the opt in beta on my PC
  3. I prefer the old lighting as well.
  4. FSX acceleration gold ASN ORBX scenery Windows 8.1 i7 4770 GTX760 32GB RAM TFDI 717 VERSION Hardware rendering off. Run FSX as admin, Get in trike , go to airport. Any good payware. VHHH or Fly tampa KTPA. Shut down trike, Get in 717. establish ground power. Move location to another payware airport, KSFO Flightbeam, Out of memory, sim exits. I know this isn't what you do with a high fidelity product but its a good test for my computer. I can do the exact test with any PMDG product, FSlabs, Captain sim, Etc and do not have any issues with memory. I generally have my sim set up so i get about 1 out of memory a year max, Sliders backed off, etc. I had this same issue with the Flysimware Lear 35 when it came out. I used this test for them during testing and they finally narrowed it down to a issue with there floodlighting tasking too much VAS for FSX users. Anyway. Ill keep messing with it and see if anything changes. Thats my 330AM report.
  5. Ok, Cool. Thank you . I am having a memory issue now but im going to keep testing so i can give you guys something hard before i write it up. So far its just using A lot of memory. More than any other plane i have installed. All the normal name brands. Ill mess around and see what i find out.
  6. I cant either! It wont do it again. Go ahead and delete this one!
  7. Just doing a quickie test with it before a real flight. On rotation i got a bank angle call out. Started cold and dark, proper procedures all the way to take off done. Ill try it again in a bit and see if it happens. Otherwise TFDI........ You guys are still awesome. This plane is just getting better and better!
  9. The wheel spin sound is for sure a thing on these planes but this sound is very much a engine spool down type sound. I have watched the engine gauges and dont see a trend of spooling down. The tire rolling sound should increase until the nose wheel comes off the ground.