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  1. Hello, I am running the latest version of the 717 and for as long as I can remember (despite updates), I haven't been able to use it because whenever I try setting up the FMC, I get an "insufficient fuel" message in the scratchpad of the FMC as soon as I enter GW or ZFW. This occurs no matter how much fuel I have (even if I do a full load of fuel for a 30 minute flight, just to make sure), and means I am never able to generate a vertical profile for the flight. If I try taking off with TOGA, as soon as I am in the air and PROF becomes active, the auto flight system actually reduces my thrust to idle until I stall. Any ideas? This occurs regardless of my P3D version. I also get random crashes when setting up on the ground and I also want to point out that the insufficient fuel message does not pop up if the cockpit state is loaded from the "ready to start" option.