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  1. I have noticed that it will show for some flights, and not others.
  2. I know that you are working on a version 3. I am requesting an option for v3. Stop-Overs I am sure I am not alone here, many of us VA owners have multiple stops in a single flight. A stop-over will let you land at one or multiple stops before your final destination, with your final destination landing will be the landing that counts.. I have it on my kACARS custom and everyone loves it.
  3. You need to open up a ticket about getting your path set.
  4. A few of us is having issues with smartCARS showing bids. I have a bid placed as you can see in the pictures below. Shows up in my kACARS put not in smartCARS. Any ideas? From My Bids on the website From kACARS From smartCARS - No bids showing below.
  5. I know this an old post. The reason I am looking on the forums is for any support on stop-overs. This would be a plus. Any news on this feature?