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  1. flyforever

    Lost mouse function after update

    Apparently, after readjusting the camera view with EZDOK, the mouse functionality is back to normal again. Strange.
  2. flyforever

    Lost mouse function after update

    I will have to get a recorder before getting a video, but the mouse issue appears only in the main VC panel. If I switch to another view via the view menu, the mouse cursor turns into the "hand" for operating on the various buttons and levers. So the problem appears to be with the main VC panel. The best example is that I cannot use the tablet to start the aircraft.
  3. FSX. After the upgrade, I can move the mouse cursor around, but it has no effect in the VC. Aircraft is now in cold and dark state. Waiting for solution. Mouse works with other aircrafts, and worked fine until this latest update. Works fine in p3dv4.
  4. Can some users help me figure out how to make the gauge numbers more clear and readable in P3d? Which sim graphic setting and nvidia setting helps(or do not) with this? With the panel view at .40, I can barely read the airpeed indicator during takeoff. thanks tony
  5. flyforever

    If You're Undecided

    What is also amazing is the performance improvements. At full right( everything) settings on a i5-2500k at 4.6 and a g1060, fps never drop below 25 in Linate, Italy on a partial cloudy day. tony
  6. flyforever

    If You're Undecided

    congratulations! As someone who purchased the 717 on day one, I applaud your commitment and smart organizing approach greatly. Again, congratulations on a job well done. Without a doubt , your aircraft and company name will be among the best on my list. tony
  7. flyforever

    lost mouse effectiveness

    After adjusting ezdok views in the cockpit and closing it, I lost total mouse control. As the mouse pointer hovers over the various dials( including the ipad), the pointer does not turn into a hand, consequently making the mouse totally dead for cockpit control. Any ideas? The only clue is that when I load the aircraft, I see the "search" spinning circle for a moment. This is new, as it never appeared before. thanks PS Mouse works with all other aircrafts. tony
  8. flyforever

    trim effectiveness

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention as well. I did have the trim switch reversed. tony
  9. flyforever

    trim effectiveness

    Thanks for the reminder. tony
  10. flyforever

    trim effectiveness

    I've mentioned this more than once, but the aicraft does not have sufficient trim authority when flying in manual mode. I can have the trim indicator at full 4, and the aircraft wants to pitch down during takeoff. What am I missing? tony
  11. flyforever

    la cagata del 717 non si aggiorna

    Fai parte del opt in beta? Se no, il manager e' ancora quello della prima versione. Tutti possono far parte del opt in beta. Leggi le istruzioni. tc
  12. flyforever

    Trim adjustment needs work

    When the plane is flown manually, the delay between pitch angle and the effectiveness of trim control on it is too long. This delay causes one to constantly chase the plane. One should be able to make pitch adjustments and see the results in pitch behavior fairly quickly. I'd like to hear from others, since I don't have experience in jets, but I do have a license in prop aircrafts. tc
  13. flyforever

    engine sounds?

    You are correct. A new headphone made a big difference in the sound experience. tony
  14. flyforever

    engine sounds?

    I wrong. The sounds are there, and they are good. Congratulations again for a fantastic update. tc
  15. flyforever

    engine sounds?

    I am fully updated. Great plane and fantastic job, guys. The improvements are extraordinary! Just one question.... How do I know if the sound I hear is the engines'? There does not appear to be much change in engine sound. I am comparing them to those of other planes, both default and commercial. How do I check? thanks tony