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  1. @turbofandude Let's create a little timeline. I loaded up a flight with around 45 minute delay. Immediately I announced the delay, choosing 30 minute option. The time on the clock was reduced (as it should be) and was showing 15 minute delay now. As I made up some time during the flight, I realized on the descend that I will still have about 10-15 minute delay - I did second announcement, this time choosing 10 minute option - the time was reduced again. After landing it showed about 4-5 minute delay. Also, I just did another flight and observed another thing, let me post it here, instead of creating new topic. When you make a "Seatbelt sign ON" announcement and you never do the "Seatbelt sign OFF" announcement and then you start a new flight immediately after finishing the previous one, the seatbelt status carries over to the next flight - what I mean by that is that you only have option to announce "Seatbelt sign OFF". As always, I hope it is helpful too.
  2. Hello all, It's a small bug but still important to report. Flight SWA4045 from TJSJ and KBWI - https://pacx.online/flight/B654694D3 Delay was set to 45 minutes from the beginning (just like in the real world flight). I advised passengers about the medium delay (30 mins) on the ground and then about the very short delay (10 mins) when I was starting my descend. As you can see in the event log in the link I've attached, it has medium delay twice and apparently still passengers complained they've not been told about the delay. More importantly, after I landed, a flight attendant apologized passenger for diversion (instead of delay) and started to talk about accomodating them. According to the PACX log, these are the sound files that had been played then: [SOUND][6/1/2019 6:28:19 PM]: Added "{Sounds\Standard\9 - After Landing\Part 1\Variation 2.swv, Sounds\Standard\9 - After Landing\Part 2\Variation 1.swv, Sounds\Standard\9 - After Landing\Delay\Delay 1.swv, Sounds\Standard\9 - After Landing\Coordinate\Variation 2.swv}" to Primary queue It just seems like a messed up file or just wrong file being loaded. I hope it will be helpful! Leszek Kwasniowski