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  1. I love the absolutely gorgeous YX repaint. To repeat what some other folks have said though, I also really hope to see some of the different AirTran paint schemes. Given that they were the launch customer and largest operator for a while, I'm surprised we haven't seen any yet. Edit: I see there's now an AirTran repaint available ❤️
  2. FWIW I did email the developer of that site per the message on the page, but haven't gotten a response yet.
  3. I've been using and enjoying that flex calculator since early this year - unfortunately, I now see this message on the 717 one: This webpage will be terminated shortly. If you need the data in excel format, contact me on the email address at bottom of the page!
  4. AirTran also interests would a Midwest repaint I'm excited that we're finally getting some repaints for this, thanks for your hard work Fabio!