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  1. PADK - Adak PANC - Anchorage PABR - Barrow PABE - Bethel PACV - Cordova PADL - Dillingham PADU - Dutch Harbor PAFA - Fairbanks PAGS - Gustavus PAJN - Juneau PAKT - Ketchikan PAKN - King Salmon PADQ - Kodiak PAOT - Kotzebue PAOM - Nome PAPG - Petersburg PASC - Prudhoe Bay PASI - Sitka PAWG - Wrangell PAYA - Yakutat
  2. Is there a place we can add airports to be added? my VA flies a lot in Alaska, and some of the smaller Alaska borough names are not captured. Thanks!
  3. Yes, I reinstalled using the executable linked in your page. I think I have found the issue, I am using VoiceMeeter Potato (a virtual audio mixer) on my system Issue appears to be specific to that, if I shut VoiceMeeter down and then launch PACX application loads fine. It appears that if I load PACX first and then load Voicemeeter it all works, just a bit of a pain.
  4. I reinstalled DirectX, and that was not the issue...
  5. Hello All, I am going back to PACX after taking some time off. Before it used to work great, however after I installed the latest update I am getting the following error at startup "The system failed to initialize the XAudio2 mastering voice with error: FAILED(hr = pXA2->CreateMasteringVoice(&mv)) and error code -2004287478" When I go into setup my audio device it just gives me a blank dropdown list and I am not hearing any output.
  6. I am experiencing the same issue. Come to gate, poweroff all engines but it still says Taxiing In.
  7. @turbofandudeAwesome thank you! and I can confirm the plugin is working perfectly with X-plane now!
  8. So I tested with the ToLiss A319, so I am pretty comfortable with saying this is an X-Plane issue, not a plane specific issue...
  9. I just did another flight with the B739 Ultimate and had the same issue. I am going to test again in a bit with the FFA320 and see if the aircraft changes anything, doubtful, but would be an interesting test...
  10. might be good to have a keystroke where you could advance the flight phase if the dataref flags are not working...
  11. Yeah, I am in X-Plane with the Zibo, and I am at my cruise of 33000, however PACX is still saying climb. I even tried going over my cruise, just to see if I could trip it, and it was still stuck..
  12. Hi, flying the Zibo 737 with X-Plane 11. For some reason the Welcome message is starting when we push back, and then the safety briefing does not start until wheels up. Any way to troubleshoot this? Thanks!
  13. I noticed a box for "Enable Incidents", not sure what the scope of that is; but it would interesting to have random medical issues, or passenger conflicts. I work for an airline IRL, and I think medical issues are the largest cause of diverts next to weather.
  14. Hey All, I just installed PACX, and am flying my first flight. I have been waiting for something like this for X-Plane for a loooong time, so TY. Few questions, are their plans to integrate PACX with SmartCARS directly, would be nice to have the flight details, auto import. Also will you or someone be releasing a module for PHPVMS? Cant wait to see how this continues to devlop!