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  1. Hi there - on a similar note, to be clear, the initial release just has 1 set of announcements correct? I hear the same actress saying the same thing each flight - no variations. That is expected at this time, correct?
  2. Thanks for replying! Here are a few more thoughts: 1. Custom announcement sets from per-recorded .WAV files. In my case I've used my iPhone to record announcements on different carriers and (before this program) have played the .WAV file at different times for immersion. Think I was more referring to the ability to trigger custom files in-lieu of the included soundpacks...for example,: Above 10k climb = play custom .WAV climb/amenities onboard Below 10k descent = play custom .WAV before landing After landing = play custom .WAV 2. Ability to edit triggers for announcements. (See above - sorry probably same one) Perhaps users could even share their custom-made announcement files somehow so others can pull them and use them if they wish. 3. Ability to customize inflight offerings. I want to say I've seen in the status window after TOC it say, "Serving dinner" (or something along those lines). Issue being, not all flights will offer a meal service, etc. I was just looking for a menu in the flight setup screen to set: Type of meal service Premium Cabin (Y/N) Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack Retail Buy-on-Board Economy Cabin Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack Retail Buy-on-Board WiFi (Y/N) DirecTV (Y/N) Perhaps others which impact the overall experience logic... Assign seats? (Y/N) Checked Baggage Fees (Y/N) Carry-on Baggage Fee (Y/N) 10. Finally, another thought may be the ability to add custom airframes which will save these features: Something similar to how you can save airframes in SimBrief Set Seats Set configurations above.. Ability to select from drop-down in flight setup screen Thanks again for the great tool - have been enjoying it a lot!
  3. Love this program. It adds a lot of fun immersion I've been looking for a long time. Just a few comments: 1. Custom announcement sets from per-recorded .WAV files. Love the Safety briefing ability - would love to add triggers for other announcements and custom files. 2. Ability to edit triggers for announcements. IE: When certain announcements are played (or not played). 3. Ability to customize inflight offerings. IE: Some flights only do retail for sale...some do complimentary meals...etc. 4. Would love to track other departure metrics such as D:00 (departure ontime), and A:14 (Arrival within 14 minutes scheduled)...might be good for airline stats? 5. Ability to customize airlines and characteristics such as types of amenities offered (ie: not all offer inflight meals, etc). 6. Pax more forgiving of turbulence. Flew through an area of turbulence and everybody becomes upset and terrified? 7. "We have begun our final descent into _?_" I have yet to hear the FA complete this announcement... 8. Voice interaction hot key? Maybe I'm missing there a quick button we can push to start voice interaction? 9. Voice interaction END key. Sometimes when speaking, if we're not done speaking yet but do pause, it'll stop - can we have a START/STOP button? I feel there are more, but overall, am satisfied - nice job!
  4. i there - just wanted to say how excited I am for this livery! Just got back from Hawaii and have been enjoying doing some island hopping with the 717, but would love to see their new livery! Thanks and looking forward to this one!