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    Virtual EIN

    If you want to become a part of a VA that is flying over all Europe and to North America with a shamrock on the tail, you have to know us! We're recruiting, and we would love to have you flying with us! With almost 500 schedules, and with a wide range of aircraft from the ATR42 to the Airbus A330, you will never be bored! With the ability to qualify a pilot to P1 Rating in VATSIM, we're recognized by most of the International Virtual Networks like VATSIM, IVAO, PilotEdge and FSCloud! With a very own flight tracker, the Shamrock Tracking, and with the smartCARS 2 tracker from TFDI Design, you can either choose if you want to stay super realistic by using our own flight tracker, or if you want to contact with other people from other VAs flying with the smartCARS 2 tracker! With a big presence on Facebook and Discord, you will never feel lonely! Convinced? Register yourself at and you'll see why the planes dressed up in green and blue are so seen in the virtual skies!!! vEIN Operations Manager
  2. Filipe Gameiro

    Virtual EIN