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  1. Good news. I unticked the alternate database connection option in the Addon Manager that was left ticked after doing the steps in the video/instructions, and now there's no error connecting to the database and the 717 works normally. Thanks for your support. Alain
  2. Tried it to the letter (as you said, is quite easy), but it doesn't work either. Still getting the same error when loading up the aircraft in P3D. The only difference between my setup and the one of the video/instructions is that my copy of MS Office 2010 is in Spanish, that's why I made separate installations of the Access Database Engine, one in English and another one in Spanish (and both appeared as installed in Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs). In fact, before installing the Spanish version I made a test trying to loading the aircraft and got again the same error. In all of my looong years of simming, I only remember having remote assistance three years ago due to a faulty installation of the infamous Couatl engine from FSDT. This developer has been blamed for having such a complicated piece of software that has caused a lot of trouble in a good amount of setups. The current situation with the 717 makes me remember those times. Hopefully you'll find a less troublesome path in the future for your 717. I wish I have more time available to continue playing with this. I'll give up until I revamp my sim PC in the following months (new CPU, GPU, W10 and a more recent MS Office in English) and will see what happens with the B717. No luck with it, definitely!. Thanks, Alain
  3. Ok, thanks, I'll try this tomorrow and will open a ticket if necessary. I'll be reporting back. Alain
  4. Hi GerdD: Thanks for your assistance, but still no luck. I'm starting to think the unfortunate decision was on my side for having purchased this product. I had problems with it since day one. About to uninstall it completely and avoid loosing more time with this. Will post my frustration over to AVSIM to seek for more help. Thanks again, Alain
  5. Hi, but that doesn't necessarily fit with the 717 requirements, being a 64-bit product. At this point I think the developers should generate a solution, choosing not to remain silent!. Alain
  6. Yes, and with no luck!. I've also tried to repair the Microsoft Access Database Engine with the same link you provided in a similar thread months before. Downloaded the x64 version (since I'm running W7 x 64 bits) and the installer says that I cannot install that version because I have installed a MS Office version for 32 bits (which in fact I do have installed - MS Office Pro 2010). I don't want to uninstall the MS Office Pro just for making the B717 to work properly. All this is very odd!. I'm pretty sure you run into this type of issues before with some other users, so most probably you're the best to provide a solution for this in my case. Thanks, Alain
  7. After 17 hours, still waiting for guidance from the developers. Hope it'll come soon!. Thanks again, Alain
  8. Hi: After updating to v1.1.2.0 I'm having a "SOCI ODCB Error. Error connecting to database, bla bla bla". I'm running P3Dv4.5-hf1. It's the only addon that's giving trouble to me. Any suggestions?. Thanks, Alain
  9. Alain


    You should first make sure your aircraft is close in the right path both on the LOC and Glideslope and then hit the APP/LAND button for a good Autoland. Alain