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  1. ChrisO

    Some thoughts!

    The mute in exterbal view is unticked. Just tried one flight so far with update 1. Need to try again with the update u released earlier today. Changelog looked promising, just miss the fix with increased max volume.
  2. ChrisO

    Some thoughts!

    So I could basically add a Wizzair FSL audio file to use with B737?
  3. ChrisO

    Some thoughts!

    First of all thank u for the work uve done! On route on my first flight using PACX and some questions have came up. I configured the exspected dep to be within 15mins - isnt it possible to use beacon light on or gsx pushback as trigger for the first announcement that should have been announced during taxi? When i checked the boarding status I got 19mins even though Ive configured 15min for dep. How come? No safety or any announcement audio was playedback during taxi - due to missing data for SAS 737 airline? Some short audio was playedback a few mins after takeoff during climb. Nothing was playedback using the interaction (seatbelts on/off etc) No ambient passenger audio during the flight as far as I can hear. At this point Pro ATC-X has significantly more audio during all stages of a flight.
  4. I have installed both Addonmanager and PACX on my secondary harddrive where I have all my P3D addons.. Addonsmanager says that Ive got no products and closes and PACX throws an error whatever departure airport I choose (airports is in the .txt file over suported ones) Does both Addonsmanager and PACX need to be installed on the same harddrive as windows? When installing PacX I typed ChrisO as name in the installer along with my serial, was that incorrect?