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  1. When starting a descent into the destination airport, there is an announcement 'we are starting our descent into ....' but the city/state of destination is not pronounced as it is in other announcements. Thank you for the great improvements! Also would it be an idea to add country names in case the city in question is not part of the announcements? And is there a list somewhere of which airports are pronounced as what? For example is EBCI announced as Brussels as well? Same for Beauvais airport which Ryanair calls 'Paris' and I'm sure other examples can be found where different airports refer to the same city.
  2. jenstt

    Status of development

    So, we’re almost two weeks later and still no update nor any progress information..
  3. jenstt

    Status of development

    Looking forward to that.
  4. Hello, As we’re about 2,5 months after the release of the product I get the impression development seems to have slowed down significantly. Also the latest 0.9.9 version has been on ‘in development’ for quite some time now. Do you have any estimates on when the customised flight-specific announcements, that were advertised for the initial release but then didn’t make it, will be released?
  5. Still no custom flight-specific announcements for the next version?
  6. Great! Any estimate on the custom announcements (destination/flight number/flight duration/local time/temperature)?
  7. I second the suggestions here above, these would really be great! Another one: during boarding, just like what happens in the FSLabs Airbus, you could repeat the cabin crew announcement telling the passengers welcome aboard saying 'For the passengers that have just joined us, a warm welcome aboard, please make your way to your seats and take care .....'. Really looking forward to flight number and destination announcement too! By the way if you do have the recordings for the flight numbers, then maybe you could easily add the 'local time is ....' announcement in the welcome to your destination announcement?
  8. Okay another suggestion then for immersion: maybe you could add a checkbox or detect from GSX if a jetway or stairs are being used to disembark, and then adapt the message accordingly 'don't walk under the wings, take care when going of the stairs, ...'. Also what happens after a problem arises/diversion is made? Are the announcements after landing adapted according to this?
  9. So the destination and flight number announcement will not be included in initial release?
  10. Great, thanks a lot! If you need any more testers I’m free on thursday and friday 😎
  11. Is the product still on track for a release this week? It's been silent now around the product for more than a week and only 4 days remaining before june first..
  12. That's a smart solution for the announcements! Makes it possible to cover a large amount of destinations I guess Thanks for your replies! Good luck with development and looking forward to release! Counting the days till the end of the month here :')
  13. Thanks a lot for answering! Sounds great! I take it the announcement announces the state/region you're flying into and not the specific city then? At least in the US? For GSX I was thinking on giving the program the passenger count (which we could also send/import from Smartcars in the future I think?) and calling/monitoring passenger services and boarding progress.
  14. Hello, With the release of PACX nearing very fast, I would like to ask some questions: - Will PACX respond to a changement of the seatbelt sign to trigger announcements? Will it read this value from third party aircraft (PMDG, Aerosoft,..)? - Regarding dynamic announcements of destination: I take it you have recorded an amount of destinations, could you elaborate on which cities/airports have been recorded and what will happen if the destination is not part of the recorded ones? And will the possibility to add custom safety videos be included in the original release this month? It would also be very nice if there would be some kind of database to download these from in the right format.. -Any chance for GSX integration regarding the boarding process? Thanks a lot and good luck with development! Counting the days to release!