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  1. Ginns

    Flight Schedules

    Thanks. I'll probably just type them in myself. But thanks for the info. Ivan
  2. Ginns

    Flight Schedules

    Very Interesting. Here is a link to our Lynx Domestic Flight Schedule. Most of the other flight schedules are similar. See what you think. Sorry: forgot to ask the question. Can flight schedule like these be put into smartCARS? Even if we have, my pilots, have to type them in. Ivan
  3. Ginns

    Flight Schedules

    Hello, I have hundreds of scheduled flights in our 5 separate flight schedules. Each flight, of course, has to/from, IACO, takeoff and landing times. Does smartCARS provide me with a place to input all those flights and have them availablet to my Pilots so they can look up and choose? Thanks,
  4. Oh. Never mind. My eyes popped when I thought I could put the Map on my message board. I use the same one you do: IPS. As long as smartCARS is not going to be discontinued any time soon.
  5. Are you discussing the IPS message board system Invision? That wold be very interesting to have the VA map displayed on the Message Board. For sure.