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  1. Ah! So you don't have a planned release date. And I venture to say you are not using any timeline with milestones...you are kind of winging it or as they say in the project world, you are Cowboying it as you go along. It's okay to say that as well and, it's okay to do that. A lot of companies do that. Good luck. Let me know when you are ready to Beta test it. I volunteer. 👍
  2. So as a project manager myself, I gotta know dates...even rough dates: weeks or months doesn't work for me. Is there a planned actual date "The coming weeks to months" for me means no later than June 30th. Is that a ball park date?
  3. I'm from Lynx Airways Worldwide working on some issues myself. I put in a ticket for several of them and got help right away. You might need to put in a ticket to get a response. Of course, I'm going to try the forum again by asking how do I extract a flight plan from FSX and put it into smartCARS in the flight plan text box. Good luck. Ivan
  4. So am I missing something obvious and no one want to say anything. If I miss something, I'll admit it. Or is there no easy way to put in a route and no one want to say that either? 😭 I'm good with that answer as well, no problem. I'm evaluating smartCARS for my airline, so if smartCARS doesn't do routing well, it's not a showstopper, just something that it doesn't do at all, well, or with some difficulty. Thanks, Ivan Rivas
  5. So I guess it's written down somewhere and I missed it. Sorry. If you can post the link I would greatly appreciate the effort. Thank you n advance. Ivan Rivas
  6. Is there an instruction sheet for how to input a flight "Route" into smartCARS. I tried to see if FSX would create a text version but that didn't work. I even went to vRoute to see if they had a text version, but nope. I mean, I could type it in of course, but that would take a very long time and not include Waypoints. Ivan Rivas
  7. I put in a trouble ticket and this is a known problem. The TDFI team is working on this issue and it will be fixed sometime in the future with a new software release. Thanks to the Team.
  8. Hi guys again. Real quick, I finally was able to have smartCARS and FSX work together. The ACARS part works great. Even in the Map, I can see my aircraft at the starting airport. But I've been flying for 2:38:18 hours and the Map still has me at Miami. I probably forgot to press something somewhere. If you can direct me in that direction, I'll Make it So. Thanks, Ivan
  9. Well, I must say, I learned a lot this weekend. It appears that the name and coordinates to the airport were not exact I think to what smartCARS was comparing to in FSX. So, I went to GitHub and downloaded the csv file of airport codes and actual Lat/Long. Then I learned, all day Saturday, after trial and error, that the .csv file headers were not the same as the ones in the smartCARS database file php_airports. So I learned how to upload the file....a couple of times because I was getting a few errors. At one point I was going to download a backup just in case, but realized my d
  10. Roger that. I'll work on that this weekend. Thank. Good stuff as always. Ivan
  11. Yes, I've been through that several times. I sent it to one of my Pilots and he understood it, but could not see his aircraft on the ACARS Map. I think because we just can't figure out how to do it. The step-by-steps from the time you open smartCARS to the time you start flying on ACARS. Maybe I'm having problems with my version: When I put in a Charter and turn on Flight Simulator, I do get an error that I am not at the location airport. Even though I'm right there at the gate. Also, the "ACARS" menu button is never active on my smartCARS. Well, sound
  12. Hello, So I've been reading and searching and I think after a few week I'm stuck. Step-by-Step, I'm a Pilot whose airline just got smartCARS. I downloaded and installed the smartCARS program exe. I'm ready to go: "How do I get my aircraft to show up on the map?" Step-by-Step please so I can send it to my pilots. Thank you. Ivan
  13. Ginns

    Flight Schedules

    Thanks. I'll probably just type them in myself. But thanks for the info. Ivan
  14. Ginns

    Flight Schedules

    Very Interesting. Here is a link to our Lynx Domestic Flight Schedule. Most of the other flight schedules are similar. See what you think. http://www.lynxairways.com/Lynx/Schedules/Domestic/Domestic2.htm Sorry: forgot to ask the question. Can flight schedule like these be put into smartCARS? Even if we have, my pilots, have to type them in. Ivan
  15. Hello, I have hundreds of scheduled flights in our 5 separate flight schedules. Each flight, of course, has to/from, IACO, takeoff and landing times. Does smartCARS provide me with a place to input all those flights and have them availablet to my Pilots so they can look up and choose? Thanks,
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