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  1. @Jamo95 I responded to your ticket! Just to follow up on here; I reset your activation's as they appeared to be maxed out. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything else we may do for you 🤗
  2. Please stop by the Discord if you haven't already! We look forward to hearing from you. Official TFDi Discord: https://discord.gg/VnXp6U7
  3. PilotRockey

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    @zs-kev Glad to know it's fixed! Now I know this and can refer some folks to it may it apply to them. I appreciate the report back.
  4. Glad you like it! Feel free to share your favorite flight reports on social Facebook with #PACX and #TFDiDesign and we'll take a look!
  5. PilotRockey

    Some thoughts!

    Looking forward to seeing how things went!
  6. Is this still an issue for you?
  7. I'll look into resolving this for you! First, if you wouldn't mind PM'ing me your name and email address associated with the account you purchased it with, I'll gladly reset your activations for you!
  8. PilotRockey


    Upon looking this up, I did see this is connected to Avast and it's "File Reputation" system. Avast will block in some cases a program it may not know of and call it "filerepmalware" if certain settings are strict, or if it just decides to trigger it. I would disable Avast until you have completed your install, then turn it back on.
  9. @moey124 It sounds like you have a lot more going than we expected with a normal launch, and as we haven't seen this come in yet. We ask that you create a support ticket so we can further troubleshoot your issue. Please note support time may be slower than anticipated with the launch of our latest product.
  10. Hmm, this sounds rather interesting! Please submit a ticket so we can look into this further. Please note support is limited over the weekend especially during our latest product launch.
  11. @moey124 Have you tried my suggestion?
  12. @annekuehn No problem! An update has just been pushed, please try again, I hope this flight is better than your last.
  13. Uninstall FSUIPC, and try again but as administrator on both installers! PACX first, then XPUIPC
  14. Locate the following: ProgramX86/TFDiDesign/PACX/Assets/Airplanes.xml Populate that list with your favorite aircraft that you may not see, then save and reopen PACX. Boom, its got your plane
  15. PilotRockey


    Woozie, The integration with these aircraft is for if you active the Mic knob on the aircraft listed, PACX will begin listening, without you having to pull up the program itself. As for boarding, the moment you "Start" your flight, boarding begins. The reason this was made, was to combat us not being able to read certain aircrafts and their "door" properties. Whether the developer has set clear flags in their code or not, PACX will work with it. If you want a delay in boarding, don't click "Start". You have the control of when people start walking down that gate. Once you feel the aircraft is ready, click "Start" let everyone start their boarding