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  1. PilotRockey


    @MD11vlieger Please submit a ticket with the account used for the 717 and I will take a look into resetting them for you!
  2. PilotRockey

    Fresh Paint Friday

    #FreshPaintFriday hasn't gone anywhere, paint shop has just been a little slow. Keep an eye out for the next one though, it's dryin!
  3. PilotRockey

    How to calculate the FLEX TEMP? (Tutorial)

    I think the OS on this model has seen it's last update.
  4. PilotRockey

    FMS prof during landing

    @Stefan888 That's understandable. I do apologize, but not all of our devs are active in the forum. I will get in contact with @Joshua Che. and come back to ya
  5. PilotRockey

    FMS prof during landing

    @orbmis I'm sorry, we can't confirm employee status through public forums.
  6. PilotRockey

    Improving the frame rate?

    @FishermanIvan As for the "Flythemaddogx" we can't provide official support for that, but the 717 should have consistent framerates with TrueGlass. If you actually are having issues with consistency, please submit a ticket with system specs, and benchmarks in default airports with rain of course and we will be glad to look into this for you!
  7. PilotRockey

    Improving the frame rate?

    @dimkzr My apologies. I read this as a performance issue. @FishermanIvan Is TrueGlass running on the our airplane or is it another developers?
  8. PilotRockey

    stopover Landing

    Good thought! I never really thought about it, but as a PPL holder, I do see this being rather useful.
  9. PilotRockey

    FMS prof during landing

    Sorry if the response time is a bit slow right now directed to the forums. Our developers work hard to ensure we can get back to each and every one of your, some posts get lost in the mix.
  10. PilotRockey

    Improving the frame rate?

    To start, usually the best way to improve performance, is the typical tone down some settings according to what your computer can handle. With that out the way, we must also identify, what aircraft your flight that's using TrueGlass, and where these benchmarks occurred (default or add-on scenery). If you're experiencing low performance with the 717 and TrueGlass, you could always try reinstalling the aircraft, disable hardware rendering, and select the lower res VC textures Just my two cents. Hopefully this works.
  11. PilotRockey

    PFD Modes & Colors Info

    I may be misunderstanding this, but if you're talking about having full magenta on the top of the pfd, I might be able to help. The way Auto Flight can fully be engaged is by having not only weight&balance, but full route as well. Once completed on the MCDU, test your calculation by pressing, PROF, NAV, and FMS Speed.
  12. PilotRockey

    Will PACX have a career mode like FSPassengers?

    If by career, you mean being a pilot, then yes! Our main goal with PACX is to make you worry about one thing when it comes to the business side of things; transportation. While in the skies, you will be in command of your aircraft, and ensure your passengers arrive not only safely, but happy!
  13. PilotRockey

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    Just letting you guys know we're are still aware of this and it didn't go unnoticed. We are still working with Lockheed to gather a resolution that will put an end to this.
  14. PilotRockey

    717 crashed when I switch to cockpit/external view

    @kylian This is a known bug that's going on right now between our aircraft and the simulator. Lockheed has already addressed the issue and has a plan to mediate it in a coming update. We are still waiting for that, but for the time being, opening a second view within the cockpit is a temporary fix that will allow cycling views without causing a CTD. We will make a formal announcement when the update patching this issue comes out!
  15. PilotRockey

    V1, VR and V2 Sounds

    @Sanpp Of course! I'm sure we can convince our copilot to give you some callouts. I'll update with more when he's ready to talk ;).