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  1. I think the OS on this model has seen it's last update.
  2. @FishermanIvan As for the "Flythemaddogx" we can't provide official support for that, but the 717 should have consistent framerates with TrueGlass. If you actually are having issues with consistency, please submit a ticket with system specs, and benchmarks in default airports with rain of course and we will be glad to look into this for you!
  3. @dimkzr My apologies. I read this as a performance issue. @FishermanIvan Is TrueGlass running on the our airplane or is it another developers?
  4. Good thought! I never really thought about it, but as a PPL holder, I do see this being rather useful.
  5. To start, usually the best way to improve performance, is the typical tone down some settings according to what your computer can handle. With that out the way, we must also identify, what aircraft your flight that's using TrueGlass, and where these benchmarks occurred (default or add-on scenery). If you're experiencing low performance with the 717 and TrueGlass, you could always try reinstalling the aircraft, disable hardware rendering, and select the lower res VC textures Just my two cents. Hopefully this works.
  6. If by career, you mean being a pilot, then yes! Our main goal with PACX is to make you worry about one thing when it comes to the business side of things; transportation. While in the skies, you will be in command of your aircraft, and ensure your passengers arrive not only safely, but happy!
  7. Have you tried consulting with this yet? Please follow this link to review a step by step guide regarding setting up your custom sounds. If this still doesn't work, please submit a ticket