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  1. WOW this is most excellent news. TY for sticking through it, and coming to some sort of a result.
  2. I am not aware of youre discord channel. I use teamspeak for comms. But i will use Discord.
  3. Agree with the guy above. I would love to get to the bottom of it. So i will be happy to fight the view CTD as well.
  4. Well i must say that there is a very GOOD reason to research before dropping coin on anything. And the 717 is such a case. I tried 5 times last night to get from KBOS to KORD only to be CTD'D to death via looking outside to VC. This problem has been around for what i determined ages and has never been fixed. The workaround that has been provided is and i apologise but complete and total sash. I have tried this technique and i loose between 10-19 fps. I'm locked at 33fps so im in the low 20's. So whats the deal. Is this issue ever going to be fixed? Or have a wasted $90 AUD on somethi
  5. I too have a question. So will it have a log flights done/percentages/good bad landing/planes flown/goals etc. I know by reading it isn't going to be tycoon style. But i will buy if it has a in-depth pilot experience. Career