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  1. Hey how do i use the voice interaction ? I click on it and it says listening but nothing happens . How does this work ?
  2. Where do u install the latest fsuipc from ?
  3. Yeah i got the same issues . I keep telling tdfi support that i have the latest fsuipc. Same errors i got .
  4. I use fsuipc sir . I repeat i have p3d v4 . Bow this installation made folders in the p3d folder . It made lots of fsx folder why is it doing this ?
  5. Did u fix it ? Let me know if u did and what u did ?
  6. Hey i have the latest fsuipc installed . I unistalled pacx still getting these errors. How to do this ? Feeling frustrated .
  7. I dont think u understand what i am saying to you , i have p3d v4.5 , it ask for fsuipc which i ahve the latest and it give me errors and it creates folders in my c drive . I dont think it is installed properly . I am asking how to install without getting these fsuipc errors?
  8. hey i just bought pacx. i was installing it it ran c++ and then it was searching was fsuipc and it ask me to find my fsuipc registration which i did then it said it cant find p3d v4 exe file. i wen to that file and click okay and then lots off errors came up it says it was creating p3d v1 some folder. whats your advise ?