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  1. Climb and cruise state working for me. With XPlane I set cruise altitude to the 3 digits, means for example 23000 ft I type in 230, in Flight setup menu. For example with A319 I put in time to departure 0:15 (15 min to pushback or taxi out, count down after push on start in menu, boarding is in progress, short before 15 mins over departure crosscheck announcement from crew sound is playing and when over this time frame no aircraft movement counts negative and subtract from expected arrival time) Then put in expected arrival 1:15 (means 1hr 15 min arriving at gate of destination). Count down when begin pushback or taxi straight out. I think boarding time seems depending on numbers of passengers - but is just one though. I think with documentation it will be more clear. What I figured out is that it seams that PACX do on following states: boarding, pushback, climb, cruise, descent, approach, taxing in, deboarding (I could observer in PACX during flight phases). What I would expect are boarding, pushback, taxi, runway entry, take off, climb, cruise, descent, approach, taxing in, deboarding. Some announcements cockpit to cabin crew like "cabin crew, take your seats for takeoff" or "cabin crew released" and "take your seats for landing", would be nice.
  2. Hi, the welcome onboard usually begin after captain or FO welcome onboard anouncement (sometimes captain or FO do not for example very short time frame or close after accidents like aircraft crahes from airline than only cabin crew make announcement). During boarding could be announcement for example for following reason. When flight is fully booked and aircraft is full very often crew announce to place hand luggage under the seats or give the luggage to flight attended to store in freight room of aircraft, more times during boarding. The opposite could be that when flight is under 50% booked that cabin crew announce for seat change for ballance reason. Sometimes if one of the aircraft door is not fully functional than crew also announce to change seats. Think there could be other reasons, as well Best wishes
  3. Yes, with this patch I could hear sounds, but upload still doesn't work. I am waiting for next patch...
  4. Dear Florian, (I do write in my personal point of fiew) some thoughts upon your impressions and statement: - I think using the sounds with PACX is actually an improvement for flying with aircraft with non working crew anouncements/ integration. Some of premium birds with premium prices have already good announcements - you are right. But you can mute the announcements from PACX if they not fit to your actual liking. I am using actually most XPlane 11. And there you do not have a lot of crew sound possibilities, neither passenger or crew interactions and I think this software have potential to increase this lack - we will see and I hope that there will be integration in XP aircrafts an environment as well. - Please consider that this product was announced and it is in early access. During the purchase phase it is written moretimes and clear. And it feels a liddle bit harsh when I am reading your comments - but this is my opinion. - You are right, some documentation is a need when give access to software. - I think some constructive suggestions to developers from your side to could improve the product. Lets see what will going on. - I am hoping that there will come german sounds (I like Lufthansa 😁)! So, have a nice weekend and enjoy your flights Regards Annette
  5. Thanks for reply. I got it working. Needed to set rule in firewall and starting as administrator. Had one first flight. I could not hear any sound playing and upload summary of flight is not working. I will wait for documentation...
  6. Hello, I could install PACKX - OK. But when I start PACX say that XPUIPC not running, even XPUIPC is running. Checked with other applikation. I need an install instruction. Can you help? Thx in advance