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  1. fire those flight attendants of yours, serving underage children alchohol.. for shame!!
  2. add the rotate md88 and ff a350 to the list, so yah, seems to be XP11 for sure.
  3. same here, XP11, I entered 35000 as my altitude, which I've now reached, but still in climb mode. 3-4 flights I've done now, and never managed to get out of climb. Maybe in a future update have a switch to manually go to the next state if it fails to switch states?
  4. I also have the issue where it's saying I'm in climb state, even though I'm at cruise on Xplane 11.
  5. so as I was checking PacX out initially, I noticed that there is not an option for a MD-8X variant, I was trying it out with the Rotate MD88 on XP11 but had to choose a different plane. Can an MD 88/82 be added to the list?