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  1. Any updates? I think a setting (maybe even only in a config file, not neccesarily the GUI) to change it would be nice.
  2. Unfortunately, it's linked to low FPS in the sim, which causes issues with Aerosoft's autopilot.
  3. From experience, it varies wildly. Frequencly the plane will move to an extreme roll, and then suddenly move to the other extremity without any inbetween - one frame you're 35 degrees one way, the next you're 35 degrees the other way. In terms of pitch, I've had the plane pitch up 90 just randomly, go into spins, all sorts. I will provide some of my logs. (apparently my worst flight, as a result of it)
  4. Hello, I've been using PACX with almost every flight I've done since it was released, and am yet to experience an "inflight incident". What is the chance of experiencing one, and is there any way to alter this to make it more likely? - Tom
  5. dotmicron

    Wrong PA played

    When I recorded a new public address via the hotkey near the end of my flight, one from the beginning was played over the PA in the cabin. This occured only once, and not on subsequent announcements. Addons: FSX:SE, ASN, PMDG B738 Log: - Tom
  6. When defining a hotkey in the settings menu, one of the items you can define one for is "show/hide popup". When pressing the key if the popup is open, it does not hide it. Using - FSX:SE, ASN, AS A320.
  7. When arriving on one of my flights today, with the expected arrival time at ~ -01:50, I heard announcement apologising for the delay and asking people with connections to get in touch with the airline for compensation and hotels if needed.This seems a bit over the top for two minutes delay. Maybe the section about connections should only be broadcast if the delay is longer than 10 or 15 minutes? - Tom