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  1. The announcements are, in my opinion, very incomprehensible to midem, and on the other hand totally screeching/scratching. Not optimal with head listening, but also with Speakers.
  2. After the update today, my flights in my custumer-center all away... why?
  3. TheEkki

    GSX <> PACX Boarding

    how you see the boarding is completed by PACX?
  4. First of all: finally! After years of waiting for FSPassangers P3dv4 to become capable, the gap is now closed for me! Goodbye FSPax !! I find Pacx very ingenious and the use is innovative, although I already miss a documentaion or a small manual! But there are, some have already written here, but little things that irritate or disturb me: 1.) Welcome already during the boarding? 2nd) I miss a button where I can actively initiate the bording or initiate! The same for deborading. 3.) An ad in the display about the progression of boarding or deboarding would be nice! 4.) A takeover of the flight plan from e.g. Simbrief would be great or upload in the usual formats (.pln, rte etc.) Otherwise: Top! And thank you! Keep it up!
  5. yes, thats right, see them also.