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  1. I may be missing it, but is there a way you can disable PACX crew announcements and use the default Zibo 737 American/Delta/Southwest/other announcements while still using PACX and pilot PA? I realize I could turn the PACX volume to 0 but I would still like to make announcements as the captain using PACX (which is a great feature btw!). Right now both overlap each other. Thanks!
  2. I noticed after the last update that at times when making general announcements over the PA my voice has excessive reverb which cuts in and out. Just something to note. Great product so far and am very happy with it. You guys fixed the XP11 stuck on climb and many other bugs. Keep up the great work!
  3. Keep in mind you can give announcements as captain by using the general public announcement feature and microphone. Is pretty cool given there is a PA effect added to your voice. I agree though, it would be nice if the cabin crew would then do their service announcement with details and have this triggered by voice with announcement. The code is already there, they just need to add the audio files of the crew.
  4. Hello TFDi Team, Love the product so far and thank you for all the updates! I have a few suggestions. One is to have the passengers deboard the plane after landing, at the gate, and when selecting "Seatbelt Sign Off" in PACX rather than passengers deboarding as soon as you get to the gate and turn off the engines. Also, recommend updating the flight attendant to say we're still deboarding rather than we're still boarding when choosing deboarding status. Also should have the option be "Expedite Deboarding" rather than "Expedite Boarding" when Deboarding the plane. Not a big deal; but this is the Suggestions section, right? Oh, and I'm still having the stuck in Climb status issue in X-Plane 11. Thanks guys!
  5. Sounds good! Let us know what you find. Sounds like the issue is fixed in P3D but not XP so far; at least with the Zibo-like aircraft.
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    I second @grizzlybearsims comments! As to be expected (and was stated), the early release of PACX had many bugs but the developers at TFDi have been quick to respond to customer feedback. There have already been numerous updates in the past several days addressing early release issues. Also, they finally have documentation. This blew my mind that there wasn't even at least a readme.txt file upon early release leaving customers to either figuring things out themselves, or posting to the forums. At least the TFDi team has been quick to respond to questions. I'm happy to say they have released documentation and a better installer (I have XP11); was confusing that the installer was constantly trying to find FSUIPC while X-Plane doesn't use FSUIPC; it uses XPUIPC. This has been resolved. This is a great product so far and keeps getting better! Keep up the great work TFDi team! Your customers appreciate the quick response!!
  7. Thank youf or the follow-up @turbofandude. I flew a flight after the latest update today and still was stuck on "CLIMB" in XP11. My altimeter is set to the correct value when leaving the airport. However, I am flying the the US and when I click on an airport in map mode, the report value is in Millibars (QNH) rather than Inches (HG). I have my Zibo 737 Altimeter in Inches (HG). Could this possibly be the issue?
  8. What an awesome feature! I read how you configure this to hear your own voice for the "Generic Public Address" (thank you @turbofandude). Just make sure you have the option ""Playback Voice for Public Addresses" checked and be sure to click the "Apply" button at the bottom. Also, I would like to say I am pleased that the Dev team so far appear to be responsive to our questions and addressing bug issues as they are reported (updated the software today). Thank you for this and keep up the great work! Darrin
  9. I have the latest version of PACX and so far I like it. However, the flight status doesn't update from "Climb" to "Cruise"; it's just stuck on "Climb". It did switch when I landed and was taxiing. Oh, it also got stuck on deboarding as well.
  10. Yes, pasting the code worked for me as well.
  11. What version of XPUIPC are you using? Does XPUIPC come with the installer or do you need to download it separately? Thanks!
  12. What is the latest version of XPUIPC? I see all kinds of downloads doing a google search and your download section has version (which doesn't look to be the latest). A link to the latest version that is compatible with PACX would be helpful. Thanks!